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April 25, 2024
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Streamline Multi-Environment Delivery with Painless Traffic Routing


At Harness, our mission is to simplify your delivery process. We're excited to introduce our latest feature: out-of-the-box traffic routing. This enhancement empowers you with east-west traffic routing capabilities. Choose your preferred routing service provider, whether it's SMI or Istio, and you'll be up and running in no time!

Let's dive deeper into traffic routing and explore how Harness makes it effortless.

Why is Traffic Routing Useful?

Splitting traffic between multiple environments is both an engineering and design problem. Deciding when to send traffic to different environments enables many use cases such as A/B testing, Canary Deployments, or Blue/Green Deployments. The ability to quickly adjust these traffic splitting decisions is crucial for devops teams that are trying to customize their pipelines for their specific architectures. Having an out-of-the-box solution allows our users to have this complete control at their fingertips. 

Navigating Traffic Routing in Harness

Harness offers flexible traffic routing through a service mesh. Currently, you can choose between [SMI]( and [Istio]( as your service mesh options.

You can set up traffic routing in three ways:

  1. Standalone Traffic Routing Step: Utilize the `K8s Traffic Routing` step for standalone routing configurations.
  2. Blue/Green Deployment: Define traffic routing options as part of your Blue/Green Deployment Step configuration settings.
  3. Canary Deployment: Define traffic routing options as a part of your Canary Deployment Step configuration settings.

Regardless of where you configure it, the routing options remain consistent. For a detailed guide on traffic routing with Harness, visit our Traffic Routing Step Reference.

Accessing the Feature

Excited to try out this feature? It's currently available behind a feature flag. Reach out to Harness Support to enable this functionality and elevate your delivery process today!

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