Support FAQs

Effective support request

Want to know what is the best way to report an issue, or ask a question? Follow these guidelines.

Issues, problems, or bugs

When reporting an issue, it is best to include the following components:

  1. Observations (what do I see)
  2. Expectation (what I was hoping to see)
  3. Reproduction (steps to recreate this) including:
    A. Link to pipline execution 
    B. code sample reproducing the issue
    C. Screenshots
    D. Logs
  4. Impact - tell us how this is impacting your business so we can properly prioritize our efforts to help you

Feature requests

If reporting a request for new functionality, make sure to include:

  1. Observations (what do I see)
  2. Expectation (what I was hoping to see)
  3. Impact - tell us how this is impacting your business so we can properly prioritize our efforts to help you


If asking a question, please tell us:

  1. The question
  2. Links to any pipeline executions, logs, documentation that will help us get context for the question

What happens when a ticket is created?

  • Once the Ticket has been created by a user, it will show up in the Agent queue on our end which is what the Support Engineers use for Communication and further updates in order to resolve the issue.
  • Harness support engineers are actively working on the incoming issues 24x7 365 days a year as covered in our SLA based on support tier.

Ticket Routing Flow

  • Every ticket created with us has an associated SLA according to assigned priority, which ensures you get a response from the support engineers in a stipulated amount of time.
  • When the Engineer replies to your ticket and puts the status into Pending, it means we are awaiting a reply from you with an action item to move forward with the issue resolution. In case of unresponsiveness on raised issues, they are auto-solved based on criteria defined under the below section “Automatic close of pending issues”.
  • For any Product bugs/defects, we work very closely with our Engineering team to get them fixed as soon as possible. Anything defined as a Production or Adoption blocker does get priority and is eligible for immediate hotfix depending upon the business impact associated with that issue.
  • Specifically for High and Urgent priority issues, the support team works more closely with Product Leads to ensure prompt responses leading toward resolution.
  • For any Feature Request reaching the support queue, they are prioritized by our Product Management team along with your account Customer Success Manager(CSM). Kindly reach out to your CSM in order to prioritize such requests if they are adoption/onboarding blockers.

CSAT survey

At Harness, we believe in continuous improvement and hence every interaction with our users is an opportunity for us to further improve our services and offerings. Therefore as soon as a ticket is Solved an automatic survey request email is sent to the requester to capture the feedback on the support experience offered.

Ticket merge

To prevent duplication of effort, if two people in the same organization report the same issue, we will merge the two into one. A notice will be sent to all parties about the merge. Both parties will be copied on the merged ticket.

Automatic close of pending issues

A support ticket is considered pending if it is waiting for a response from the ticket originator (the requester). Harness will send an automatic reminder two and four business days after the ticket is set to Pending. After five business days, if no response has been received, a final message will be sent, and the ticket will be marked solved, regardless of status. 

The requester may re-open a solved ticket within two weeks. After that time, a ticket is marked closed and cannot be reopened.

Code of conduct

Harness is committed to treating all customers, prospects, partners, and users with respect, empathy, and kindness, as outlined in the Harness Support Code Of Conduct.

The same is expected from anyone requesting support. Misconduct toward Harness employees and support staff may result in support tickets being closed, a ban on a specific individual from future support requests, or in the case of repeat offenders, termination of the business relationship with Harness.

Sharing files with Harness Support

Sometimes sharing files with support is needed.

Acceptable file formats

To prevent a support request from being flagged as malicious, do not share executable files (*.exe, *.cmd, *.bat, etc). If you need to share a code sample, save the file with the *.txt extension before sharing.

Large files 

When communicating with Harness Support, we limit attachment sizes to 7 MB per individual file and 10 MB for the entire message.

To share files exceeding the above limit, you may use our drop zone (provided by SendSafely) at

Encrypted files

Do not send encrypted files or messages as Harness may not have access to decryption tools, and will not be able to respond to your message.


Make sure to not send credentials, passwords, keys, personal identifying information, secrets, tokens, or other secure content in clear text or image. Obfuscate these, or delete them all together before sending them to support.

Do not share passwords with support. We will not ask for it.

Self-solving of support tickets

If you have found our solution helpful, or figured it out yourself, please let us know that we can close the support ticket. 

You can do this yourself by logging into the support portal and marking the ticket as solved. 

Please note that only the ticket's main contact (the requester) may close the ticket. You can not solve tickets you are copied on.

Copying others on support tickets

You may add others to your support ticket as CC. This means that they will be copied on all messages to/from Harness Support and yourself.

If you are using email, just copy the new person on the email message, and they will be copied on all future communication.

If you are using the support portal, you can mark others as copied. You can also ask your support engineer to add others as copied.

Access to Support Portal

Harness support portal for our end users is accessible via following URL

To access the same, a user needs to authenticate via Harness Platform i.e. via

Note for Propelo and SMP users:
To access the Harness support portal, an account with the Harness SAAS platform( is required and if its not available, the same can be created by Harness CX team to allow accessing the support tickets and their status. If Harness SAAS account is already present, then the account admins from existing account can just invite other users to provide ability to create support tickets or access support portal. This should not limit the ability to raise support tickets and same can also be done by emailing us at