Support Tiers and Definitions

Harness Support tiers

Harness has three easy-to-understand support tiers:

  • Community - Any Harness user is a member of the Harness community, and as such is entitled to community support.
  • Standard - All paying customers are entitled to standard support.
  • Premier - Customers may, at their discretion, purchase a premier support package for a 20% premium of their subscription cost.

What is included in each support tier?

Support Plan
Coverage Times
9x5 PST
Response Time - Urgent
2 hours*
1 hour
Response Time - High
6 hours*
2 hours
Response Time - Med
1 business day*
8 hours
Response Time - Low
2 business day*
24 hours
Community Access
Support via Phone/Zoom
Post-Incident Reports (RCA)
Support Entitlement
2 Named Admins
Service Uptime (SaaS only)
* Only during coverage days & hours 

Harness Support standard coverage hours are 9 am to 5 pm Pacific standard time, during Harness business days.

Support escalation

For any support ticket escalation, if it remains outstanding even after escalating via ticket itself, please reach out to CX Leadership by mailing us at

Support issues priorities

Support issues response SLA is based on the issue priority. Harness uses these definitions for its priorities (Unless agreed upon differently in the Master Service agreement)

Ticket priority
Issue definition
Harness is unavailable/down, or significant malfunction resulting in the entire product being inoperative. No user can use Harness.
Major loss of functionality results in many users being unable to perform their normal functions. Harness product is usable but severely limited.
Moderate loss of functionality impacting multiple users' normal functions OR questions.
Minor loss of functionality not disturbing regular operation. Questions about the product.

Support for Early Access(Beta) and Public Preview features

Beta features:

These features might include bugs or performance issues. There is a probability that these functionalities will not be included in the GA release and hence will not be covered under our Support SLA  or Escalation entitlement.

Public Preview features:

Harness has limited support for Public Preview features and these are released behind a feature flag. We don’t recommend using these features in Production environments and support for these is mostly delivered directly by the Harness Engineering team.

Security issues

Security issues may include reports of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), data leaks, privacy concerns, and regulatory compliance. Before reporting these to Harness Support, you should review our security FAQs portal at: