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March 22, 2022
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ChaosNative is joining Harness!


Today, we are thrilled to announce to the LitmusChaos community that ChaosNative, the primary sponsor of the LitmusChaos project, is joining Harness to extend scalable chaos engineering to enterprises.

LitmusChaos was born out of a need to improve resiliency and build confidence in cloud-native services in production. What started out as an effort to provide out-of-the-box chaos experiments for Kubernetes-based microservices, eventually grew into an end-to-end framework to carry out chaos engineering on a wide variety of application and infrastructure targets, with support for multi-tenancy, SLO validation, and custom workflows, amongst other features. In the last 4 years since the project started, Litmus saw a continuous growth of community involvement in usage, code contributions, and feedback. Achieving the CNCF incubating status is a testament to Litmus' maturity in adoption, and it is now at a stage where there is a massive opportunity to explore and identify new use cases for chaos engineering in cloud-native DevOps.

All along, we believed that there is a lot to be done to make chaos engineering commonplace in DevOps. We kept saying - It is not just for Ops. Litmus has seen tremendous growth in the past year mainly in its use in CI/CD pipelines. The sentiment of shift-left has received significant validation within the community, with several related use cases involving Litmus being presented in conferences such as KubeCon, CDCon & Chaos Carnival! We believe that by joining hands with the Harness team - who bring in deep expertise and a rich understanding of the CI/CD domain, we shall take this movement forward with increased focus and help developers identify issues much quicker and earlier in the delivery cycle. By being part of Harness, our efforts to take chaos engineering to developers are going to be accelerated.

Having said that, we are ever-more committed to improving the core, i.e., the chaos orchestration services, and fault library to support our existing users and cater to the SRE community. We expect to contribute many new features to Litmus that aid SREs, including better support for disconnected or air-gapped environments, improved observability via events & audit logs, chaos user mapping with Kubernetes/platform service accounts, integration with secrets management platforms, hooks to incident response systems and guided gameday orchestration.

As part of Harness, we will continue to help maintain the community-first values of Litmus, while delivering on important roadmap items around integrations, newer fault injections/experiments, and an improved chaos dashboard.

The team will remain active advocates of cloud-native chaos engineering, with no changes to the monthly meetups, workshops, and participation in CNCF events. What is more, we are even working towards a certification around Litmus, as part of efforts to spread chaos engineering knowledge, so stay tuned!

We are thankful to the LitmusChaos users, our early adopter customers at ChaosNative, CNCF, and the chaos engineering community at large for their support and Harness for giving us the opportunity to continue our mission together!

Uma Mukkara & Karthik Satchitanand
(Co-creators and Maintainers of LitmusChaos & Co-Founders of ChaosNative)

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