June 6, 2019

Harness Partners With AppDynamics

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Key takeaway

Last year, we proudly announced our integration support for AppDynamics via our service impact verification feature. This integration meant that customers who were using both Harness and AppDynamics could leverage Harness for their continuous-delivery (CD) pipelines and — using the AppDynamics integration — automatically verify the health of their applications and services using AppDynamics.

This integration between Harness and AppDynamics unlocked deployment velocity for our mutual customers by delivering both accelerated deployments and performance verification, all within a single CD pipeline. Of course, if AppDynamics measures that the performance of the application is below normal, Harness will automatically rollback any deployment, including both Canary tests and Blue/Green deployments.

Integration Partner Program

Today, we’re proud to announce our inclusion in the AppDynamics Integration Partner Program (IPP). AppDynamics fosters an open ecosystem of established and emerging technology vendors to deliver a continuous loop, intelligent, and validated infrastructure that is continuously optimized.

Together, we enable our mutual enterprise customers to provide the best user experiences, support AIOps adoption, and advance enterprises their realization of the AppDynamics Central Nervous System (CNS) architecture.

Harness & AppDynamics

Harness specifically fits within the AppDynamics CNS vision by enabling our mutual customers with an automated solution in a key critical step in the CD process: verification. By enabling AppDynamics within Harness, customers can add automated performance verifications to their services already monitored by AppDynamics within their pipeline workflows.

By mapping to the AppD application topology, Harness correlates services to the corresponding AppD Business Transactions (BT) and Tiers/Nodes that are impacted by degrading performance. Within Harness, AppD Nodes correlate to the Services being deployed within the pipeline.

Continuous Verification

Once a service deploys through a CD pipeline, Harness automatically checks the performance before advancing to the next step within the deployment phase. The following is an example report of how Harness collects and understands performance degradation by machine learning AppDynamics’ application performance metrics to continuously learn the health of critical Business Transactions:

"Living true to its name, 24/7 Service Guard ensures the health of your services around the clock."

Further, by leveraging Harness’ 24/7 Service Guard, not only can Harness leverage AppD performance metrics to verify the health of a deployment pipeline, but it can also continuously monitor those same services using AppD to ensure deployments remain healthy. Living true to its name, 24/7 Service Guard ensures the health of your services around the clock.

An Interconnected IT Ecosystem

The potential of AIOps is leveraged much faster when critical parts of the enterprise IT ecosystem are connected. The Integration Partner Program delivers on the visibility and automated actions required of an AIOps approach by enabling quick feedback, constant learning/improvement, and a self-healing infrastructure.

Harness and AppD mutual customers can continue to accelerate their development and deployment pipelines for faster time-to-market-delivery of critical software while maintaining peak application performance and user experience.

You can learn more about the IPP announcement here.

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