August 25, 2020

Harness Product Update | August 2020

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Key takeaway

August has certainly been heating up in the dog days of Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. Our biggest announcement is the arrival of Drone, now Harness CI to the Harness Family. We could not be more excited about the opportunity to contribute back to an open-source community and further everyone’s Continuous Integration capabilities. Let’s take a quick look at what has been moving and shaking at Harness in August. 

Welcome Drone to the Harness Family

Drone, a popular open-source Cloud Native Continuous Integration platform is now part of the Harness Family as Harness CI. With the inception of Harness CI, you now have the ability to have true best of breed Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery capabilities under one roof. Make sure to check out our blog piece of what this could look like and get started with Harness CI today. 

Cloud Cost Management Recommendations

Figuring out what should be the first set of tunables to reduce cloud costs previously required granular usage data and cracking open your favorite spreadsheet program to chart historical usage. Those days are over now that Cloud Cost Management now has recommendations. Using actual usage data combining with your actual billing APIs, the recommendations can immediately start to save money with the next deployment. Can learn more about how to start to leverage the recommendations in the documentation.  

Additional Update

  • Now from the Harness GraphQL API, you can create and setup Triggers directly from the API. Triggers automate deployments using a variety of conditions, such as Git events, new Artifacts, schedules, and the success of other Pipelines. Learn more about how to start creating Triggers from the API in the documentation

{Unscripted} Conference Update

Last month we unveiled our first-ever industry conference, {Unscripted} which will be taking place on October 21st-22nd. The line up is starting to shape up with great speakers. The sessions and panels are going to be fantastic for anyone to learn at any level how to remove complexity from software delivery. Make sure to register for {Unscripted} if you have not already. 

Notable Mentions

We’ve been getting some press in August! Here are the highlights.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. Find all of our events on our upcoming event page.

Get a Cool T-shirt Because You are Cool

If you are looking to add a cool t-shirt to your ensemble, look no further than the Harness T-shirt Hall of Fame. Sign up for a Harness Demo and a shirt is yours. You will be all the envy of your co-workers over your favorite video conferencing program. 

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