December 12, 2019

Harness Product Update | December 2019

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Key takeaway

2019 has been an exciting year at Harness! We’re wrapping up the year with hundreds of customers, over 200 employees, and over 300+ product releases this year. We closed our Series B financing to include Google Ventures and ServiceNow joining in this round for a total valuation of $500 million.We launched Continuous Insights, Jira ticketing support, 24x7 Service Guard, Helm support, an AppDynamics partnership, tag management, and on and on and on.  We’re excited to be ending the year with some more updates to our Continuous Verification capabilities. Here are just some of the improvements you can enjoy as you gear up for the holidays.

Continuous Verification

Enhanced Visualization

When verifying performance as a workflow within a pipeline, the verification window has been improved to include charts and metrics as traffic lights. As you click on each metric, the chart will auto-update. The underlying mechanisms remain the same but are now with improved visuals.

Revised Event Categories & Jira Ticketing

Log messages are now categorized into three types:

  • Anomalous Event
  • Not A Risk
  • Known Event

We're introducing the ability to associate an anomalous event with a priority between P0 and P5. You can also mark an event as Not a Risk and also an optional Feedback Note. The next time Harness sees the same event, it will inherit the priority that you originally flagged it. More info can be found here.

Not only can you prioritize your issues, but you can also create a Jira ticket directly from Harness. When viewing the issues in your CV workflow, click on the blue diamond to create the Jira ticket automatically. If the issue arises in the future, the Jira ticket will automatically be associated with the issue if it was already created for the same issue.

Custom Continuous Verification Sources via JSON

No matter what APM tool you use, if your APM vendor can output JSON then Harness can connect to it. Using the same connector that we supported for custom logs, we can now connect to custom APM solutions or vendors that can output JSON. A perfect example is Scaylr. More details can be found here.

Service Guard Updates

We changed how we represent metrics to also use a new traffic light view. Previously, we had a flat representation and call each transaction and metric as a single row. Now, we’re grouping each transaction as an individual row with traffic lights that correspond to the health of the metrics that we monitor:

  • Green: Low risk
  • Red: High risk
  • Grey: we collect, but don’t analyze it

A few more goodies

  • If you are using Jenkins Multibranch pipelines, the Jenkins workflow command will now allow you to select the branch-specific pipeline to be executed.

What else is up at Harness?

Webinars & Case Studies

Give Us Your Harness Tips & Tricks!

Any customers who have a unique tip or trick on how they use Harness will be given a $100 gift card. (Disclaimer: Limited one per person, must be a unique use-case not marketed in any of our materials, and applicable across Harness, not unique to one company's use case). Email with your story.

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