February 25, 2020

Harness Product Update - Serverless Dashboard

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Key takeaway

We kicked off our FY ‘21 by taking our game to the next level. We’ve fueled more love to service our Asia Pacific customers. We closed out our last year with 400% ARR growth in FY ‘20. Check out this cool video highlighting our achievements from last year that we played at our company kick-off! Let’s jump into what we’ve shipped in February.

Serverless Dashboard

For all you serverless developers out there, we’re showing you some love. We added a new dashboard for Serverless Functions! Specifically, we’ve added support for AWS Lambda deployments. This new dashboard provides metrics specific to your serverless deployments, including:

  • Total unique deployed functions
  • The total functions deployed by service
  • The total functions deployed by cloud provider
  • Total invocations deployed by service

You can also view your services distributed by environments and which functions executed in which environments. You can drill down and view deployment information around each function. 

Stay tuned, we’ll soon add this visibility for Azure and Google Cloud. More information can be found in our docs.

Git Sync Errors

For all you GitOps aficionados who love to configure pipelines via code, this feature is designed to make your lives much easier. Previously, if your pipeline YAML config file(s) failed to sync, you were only notified via our notifications tab. 

We’ve added the ability for you to see which YAML configuration files failed to sync due to various errors. You can access this feature by navigating to Setup -> Configuration As Code -> Git Sync Issues

API Updates

We have two new critical updates to the Harness API. First, you can now create records within Harness by calling our GraphQL API. Specifically, you can create:

With this new capability, you can now automate many of your processes by removing manual steps in record creation within the Harness UI. This is just another example of how Harness is built for enterprise scale.

The second update to our API is the ability to access audit trail events. For those customers looking to create tools or scripts to extract audit trail events to forward to another system, you now have the ability to do so. 

Why did we build this feature? Various regulatory requirements require security data to be kept for years. In some cases — e.g. SOX compliance — audit records must be kept for up to 7 years. This data can be accessed using your own custom scripts and fed into Splunk or regulatory data warehousing.

You can access our docs for more information on this method call. These APIs are all available in the API explorer in Harness. If you have any feedback on our Harness API, please reach out to api-feedback@harness.io! We’d love to hear your thoughts/comments/questions/concerns. 

Workflow Configuration Improvements

When configuring your workflows in Harness, we’ve significantly improved the user experience. Moving forward, +Add Command has been renamed to +Add Step. With this, we’ve introduced a new wizard to help you easily add and configure the steps that make up your workflows throughout your pipeline. Some of the changes include the introduction of:

  • Search
  • Commonly used steps
  • Step Favorites

You can easily access the new wizard by navigating to your Application configuration and then editing any of your workflows.  

More information can be found here on this new improvement. 

More ship


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What else is up at Harness?

We have some exciting events coming up, including

  • DevOps Live (London), March 11 - 12th, 2020
  • KubeCon Amsterdam, March 30 - April 2, 2020
  • DevOps Days Los Angeles, March 6th, 2020

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