April 29, 2020

Harness Product Update | April 2020

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Key takeaway

The month of April has been a trying month for many of us around the global community. At Harness, on top of wishing everyone well and to stay safe, we have been continuing to innovate to allow our clients to better serve their clients. As much as we love seeing everyone face to face, we went virtual for enabling folks along their Continuous Delivery journey with virtual HarnessUs and released our first inaugural Continuous Delivery Insights report which can be easily downloaded.  Let’s take a look at what’s been moving and shaking at Harness in the past month. 

Pipeline Resume - Coming Soon

Everything doesn’t go according to plan the first time; why do you think they make pencils with erasers on them. Despite how much confidence we have in our pipelines, there is sometimes a need to pick up where we left off.  With the Pipeline Resume feature, you can re-launch the pipeline at the stage where the failure occurred. 

Welcome Instana and Bugsnag 

We’ve added two additional integrations as Verification Providers inside of Harness; Instana and Bugsnag. Instana, a popular performance observability platform is now available as a Verification Provider inside of Harness. Instana can be used to verify deployments and be part of 24/7 Service Guard. If you are leveraging Instana, you can get started today

Bugsnag, a popular error reporting library is now available as a Verification Provider inside of Harness. Bugsnag can be used to verify deployments and be part of 24/7 Service Guard. If you are leveraging Bugsnag, you can get started today

Additional Updates

  • Connect to your platforms with trusted security.  We’re expanding our Secrets feature set to allow sensitive configurations (such as password protection) for Cloud Connectors within Harness. 
  • Tags in Harness allows you to filter on user-defined metadata. Tags can now be applied to Pipeline/Workflow executions via user interface or programmatically, for example, the output of a shell script. With these newly added tags, you can evaluate an expression based on the tags. 

Continuous Delivery Insights 2020

We are very fortunate to talk to organizations of varying sizes and in varying stages of their Continuous Journey. When we engage with organizations, we help do a Continuous Delivery maturity assessment called a CDCA or a Continuous Delivery Capability Assessment. We analyzed and aggregated over 100 responses helping shine light on common Continuous Delivery challenges. Get your copy of Continuous Delivery Insights 2020 today to learn valuable insights. 

Virtual HarnessU

In the month of April, we had five virtual HarnessUs to reach our global audience. We compiled a list of top questions we received during our virtual HarnessUs. We are excited to continue the virtual HarnessUs to better prepare everyone for Continuous Delivery in the upcoming months.  

Notable Mentions

We have been getting some press in April. Here are a few highlights.

If you’d like to keep up to date stop by our Pressroom to catch the latest news on Harness in the media.

Upcoming Webinars

Catch Harness and partners discussing topics and trends virtually. 

Onwards May

At Harness, we are committed to the success of our clients and helping everyone deliver software better. We are diligently working on great features and capabilities while making sure we have creative ways to keep in touch with our community. Stay tuned to Harness as we gear to helping you deliver better. 

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