January 27, 2021

Harness Product Update | January 2021

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Key takeaway

The holidays provided some much needed downtime and relaxation - but we’re back at it, and hoo boy, we’ve been busy in January! Not only did we announce our Series C funding, but we’re now a proud, shiny, newly-minted unicorn - and Captain Canary got all dressed up for it. As for product updates, read on below to see what we’ve been up to.

New Features

Cloud Cost Management - Make Disk Utilization Part of Your Kubernetes Recommendations

Prior it January, Harness already included the CPU and memory metrics in its considerations for your Kubernetes recommendations, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. This month, Harness released functionality that now pulls in disk utilization as well. You'll be able to see how idle and unallocated storage costs are impacting your cloud bill in the same way that you can with CPU and memory. Right size your Kubernetes storage using the data and recommendations from Harness.

Cloud Cost Management - Avoid Surprises on Your Cloud Bill with Anomaly Detection

With Harness Cloud Cost Management, you can now remove the toil of manually looking for unexpected cost spikes in your hourly, daily, or weekly cost data with ML-powered anomaly detection. You’ll automatically receive alerts when anomalous cost spikes occur, with details of what caused the spike, so you can instantly remedy the issue before it balloons into an end-of-month problem. Anomaly detection is fully automated for all kinds of time series and captures seasonal patterns, and allows for user feedback to help train the model for your specific deployments.

Cloud Cost Management - Make Your Cloud Costs More Predictable with Budgets and Forecasts

You’re probably looking at your relevant set of Perspectives in Harness to stay on top of your cloud costs. Now, you can also add budget constraints to Perspectives to help create more predictability in your spending. Once you add a budget for a Perspective, you can customize at which cost thresholds you want to be alerted so you can make sure you don’t blow through your budget faster than you had planned. As Harness learns your cost patterns, it’ll even help you forecast your spend versus your budget so you can be a cloud cost wizard. Never struggle to stay on top of your budget vs. actual again!

Continuous Delivery - Deployment Freeze

Harness CD now allows development teams to schedule Deployment Freezes. Companies schedule deployment freezes, otherwise known as deployment blackout windows, at times of high volume and during business critical events. Examples include: retailers pausing deployments during black friday sales, finance firms foregoing deployments around the holidays, software companies pausing deployments during large demos, and Google shutting down deployments for the entire month of December. Deployment Freezes allow managers to safeguard application uptime and mitigate revenue impact. 

Harness - Safari Support

Harness now supports Safari as a web browser to use the product.

Notable Mentions in the Press

Harness has been in the press in the month of January. Here’s the scoop.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Looking Ahead

Great things happened in January: Betty White turned 99. COVID cases started to drop. Bison have returned to Montana’s Flathead Reservation. SpaceX’s last rocket set a record. And in Harness’ world? Plenty of great things happening here too - here’s what’s coming soon:

  • So much Azure: CD/CE coming to an Azure near you in March!
  • Drone 2.0: Expect it near Valentine’s day.
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