December 13, 2021

Ravi Yadalam at FinCon: How to Make Cloud Cost Management Easy

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Key takeaway

Our very own Ravi Yadalam, Head of Product for Cloud Optimization, recently spoke at FinCon Virtual Summit on how to make cloud cost management easy. His 14 minute talk was full of pearls of wisdom. Right below is the video of his talk, and below that, we'll post some highlights!

How to Make Cloud Cost Management Easy

0:55 - On Developer Toil: Devs now have to spend 4-6 hours a week just managing their CI/CD pipelines. Thus, they can't spend their time on what matters: innovation. What if engineers had a single CI/CD pipeline that took them only minutes to learn and deploy?

2:00 - On the Only Pipeline You Need: Harness was born to make software delivery simple, smart, and scalable. We're "the only pipeline you need" because you get a single unified pipeline, a developer-first experience, AI/ML workflows, and automated governance.

2:50 - On the Challenges With Managing Cloud Costs: Cost attribution is hard. Many platforms are manual and provide no intelligence or automation. Additionally, there's a lack of predictability in budgets and forecasts.

3:15 - On How Harness Makes Cloud Cost Management Easy: We focus on cost transparency, cost optimization, cost governance, and cost excellence.

4:15 - On How We're Unique: Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping is easily one of our best unique differentiators. Check that link out to find out more about this magical feature! We also provide best-in-class Kubernetes and container cost management. Additionally, Cloud Cost Business Intelligence provides insights into cost management.

8:55 - On Recommendations: How do you run What If scenarios? With workload recommendations! You can choose "cost optimized" or "performance optimized." Harness helps you rightsize - right down to the node.

11:05 - On Cost Perspectives: Track costs across business units, departments, teams, etc. Get budget recommendations and Anomaly Detection.

12:20 - On Anomaly Detection: Anomaly Detection looks at historical data (past few weeks/months) and predicts what your costs should be over time. If actual costs deviate from our predictions, we flag it as an anomaly and you get notified. It's a great way to keep an eye on cost spikes.

13:10 - On Tagging: We hear from a lot of devs that manual tagging is a huge challenge. However, Harness luckily has the full context of services/environments you deploy via Harness CD. So, these costs can be tracked via Harness CCM without manual tagging! This can save a huge amount of time for your teams.


Looking at all the features we offer, it's no wonder we can make cloud cost management easy! We hope you found this video useful. If you're ready, try Harness Cloud Cost Management today.

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