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March 26, 2021
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Harness Product Update | March 2021


Another incredible month in the books! March was really big for Harness. We released a huge announcement on updates and upgrades we’ve made to Harness CI Community and Essentials editions (aka Drone) - including a new pipeline execution visualization, real-time debugging tools, a sleek new UI, and more. You can read more about that in our Press section below. We also came out with two new features for Cloud Cost Management (formerly called Continuous Efficiency) and two new features for our CD product. Lastly, ShipTalk is going strong, with two new episodes released. Want to be a guest on the show? Read on below to find out how!

Talkin’ Ship on the ShipTalk Podcast

One thing we’d like to put the focus on this month is our podcast, ShipTalk. We just posted Episode 10 a few days ago! So if you hadn’t yet heard that Harness has a podcast, feel free to browse our episodes and listen to one… or all ten!

Episode 1: Scaling Your Career and DevOps Organization – Nidhi Allipuram, AVP DevOps at Nationwide. Nidhi goes over the DevOps transformation at Nationwide. 

Episode 2: Always Stay Curious – DevOps Leadership – Frank Moley, Platform Engineer at DataStax. Frank talks about how to instill the right culture at a company and why passion and curiosity are paramount in tech. 

Episode 3: DevOps and Education – David Sudia, Senior DevOps Engineer at GoSpotCheck. David brings up important points when it comes to learning about DevOps and how to move the needle forward. 

Episode 4: Scaling to Scale – Bob Chen. Director of DevOps at ADP. Bob talks about the art and tact required to scale your team, technology, and to further the craft.

Episode 5: Finding Your Tribe – Tracy Ragan, CEO at Deploy Hub. Tracy talks about her career and community journey and why it is important to find your tribe.

Episode 6: DevOps from the Ops Side – Chris Jowett, DevOps Architect at ABC Fitness. Chris talks about modern approaches to DevOps, such as not ever patching a system.

Episode 7: The Brass Tacks of Open Source – Tracy Miranda, Executive Director at CDF. Tracy chats through her experience creating thriving open source communities and practices from inception to maturity. 

Episode 8: Washing Away Imposter Syndrome – Bart Farrell, Organizer at Data on Kubernetes Community. Bart talks about how he has made two leaps: one into tech, and one into a more bleeding edge/crypto part of technology, running stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

Episode 9: Shifting Complexities in DevOpsJim Shilts, Founder and Organizer of North American DevOps Group (NADOG). Jim walks through his 20 years of experience and how complexity and bottlenecks have shifted around, and what’s in store for the future. 

Episode 10: DevOps in a Highly Regulated Industry – Donovon Carter, DevOps Engineer at Dexcom. Donovon walks through how to balance innovation and regulation. 

Want to be a guest speaker on ShipTalk? We’d love to hear from you. Complete your speaker submission and we’ll get in touch to see if you’re a good fit for a future podcast!

New Features

Harness CI Community and Essentials (Drone)

With the release of Drone 2.0, Harness has confirmed its commitment to the open-source community. This update includes major UI enhancements, new visualizations, new debugging capabilities, and essentially puts the open-source CI solution on par with (or ahead of) many other vendor-provided solutions. We’ve created a detailed blog post and short video demonstration so you can learn more.

Harness CD - Azure ARM Support

Harness now allows users to deploy artifacts using Azure ARM when defining an infrastructure provisioner and import Azure ARM templates from a remote repository. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is the deployment and management service for Azure that provides a management layer over a user’s account. Previously, Azure users were limited to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) deployments using Harness. Now, Azure-native deployments have the same functionality as Kubernetes deployments.

Harness CD - API for Resuming a Pipeline

Harness users can now use a GraphQL API to resume a failed, aborted, expired, or rejected pipeline deployment. This makes it easier to automate deployments using GitOps since users no longer need to invoke these actions through the Harness UI.

Harness CCM - Azure Cost Visibility Support

Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) already supported cost visibility for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and the newest addition of Microsoft Azure support rounds out the most popular public cloud providers. Users can now view costs in any relevant context for their Azure resources by the Azure resource dimensions they’re used to.

Workload Recommendation What If Analysis

Customers have been asking for more of the data validation behind our Kubernetes cost savings recommendations, and we’ve done one better - the industry-first What If analysis. Now, when viewing a cost savings recommendation, customers will get three things:

  1. The data validation behind the cost workload recommendation to show the math
  2. Options for Cost-optimized and Performance-optimized recommendations to make common customer decisions easier
  3. For those who want a custom optimization, customers have a sliding scale to pick their own preference towards CPU or memory and get a custom workload recommendation

Learn how it works and get started.

Notable Mentions in the Press

Harness has been in the press in the month of March. Here’s the scoop.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Looking Ahead

Hoo boy, the next few months are gonna be… something else. We can’t share everything *quite yet* but trust that we’ll share the second we’re able to. For now, a hint: April showers are gonna bring way more than just May flowers. 🌼🌸🌺

  • Cloud Support: Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on newfound cloud provider support.
  • Cloud Cost Management: Auto-stopping for AWS.
  • Does anyone celebrate Flag Day?

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