June 29, 2020

Harness Product Update | June 2020

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Key takeaway

The month of June in the Northern Hemisphere kicks off summer and the summer solstice. As a society, we continue to learn and grow in addressing the strife that is sometimes omnipresent. We are committed to Harness to reduce that strife for all.  On the engineering front, we have been busy at Harness looking to help innovate for our customers and industry alike. The big announcement for Harness was the release of Cloud Cost Management. Enjoy your favorite summertime refreshment and let’s take a dive in to see what has been moving and shaking at Harness in June. 

Cloud Cost Management 

As workloads are shifting towards the public cloud, still a point of contention is having control over your cloud spend. With elastic and readily available infrastructure, consistency in your bill would be difficult.  Not knowing how much your cloud spend was until you got the push alert from your credit card vendor on your phone is a thing of the past with Cloud Cost Management. By enabling engineering teams to see granular insights into the cloud costs for their applications, action, and savings can be taken proactively instead of reactionary. Cloud Cost Management achieves this without the need for tagging resources since Harness is a system of record for your deployments. Give us a shout if you would like to get started with Cloud Cost Management today! 

Git Sync Activity 

Harness provides mechanisms to synchronize your Harness configurations into source control. Though in the past what was directly exposed to you as a user was file and webhook centric. Now with Git Sync Activity, you are now provided with a granular commit-by-commit audit of every change and have the ability to closely debug Git related issues. To see Git Sync Acitivy in action, just fire up your Configuration as Code setup and wire to a Git Repository of your choice.  

Additional Update

  • Currently behind a Feature Flag (targeted release) is the ability to export your Deployment Logs via the Harness UI or the GraphQL API. If you have organizational or regulatory requirements for long term archiving, the exporter is an easy way to capture and save information about your deployments. We are still doing a few tweaks but if you would like the ability to export your deployment logs, let Harness Support know to turn the feature on. 

DevOps Zooms

We hosted our first inaugural DevOps Zooms session with our partners from Hashi and Ahead. With a great group of presenters, we focused on building confidence and consistency in the modern cloud. Check out the recording where we go through how to limit interaction through confidence, deploy consistently, and to top it all off a demo of Harness and Terraform together. 

Notable Mentions

We’ve been getting some press in June! Here are the highlights.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. Find all of our events on our upcoming event page.

Enjoy Summer with a Yeti

Because it is hot (or cool if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) Don’t be caught without a proper way of keeping your drinks hot or cold. Take a demo of the Harness Platform and we will send you a Yeti Tumbler

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