January 16, 2024

Push Helm Charts to Container Registries with Harness CI

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Key takeaway

The Open Container Initiative (OCI) is a Linux Foundation project started in 2015, to create open industry standards around container formats and runtimes. Artifact hosting services such as Docker Hub, Google Artifact Registry and Azure all support OCI artifact in their products.

In the dynamic landscape of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), a user recently faced the challenge of streamlining the process of publishing OCI Helm charts into a Container registry. The user highlighted the need for a native solution within Harness CI, eliminating the manual scripting required by each user to accomplish this task. Specifically, the user aimed to publish OCI Helm charts to Google Artifact Registry, and the desire was to enhance Harness CI's already robust support for Helm charts consumption.

Identifying the Challenge and Solution

The user's request was to implement a native component within Harness CI to seamlessly publish OCI Helm charts into a Google Artifact Registry. The motivation behind this feature was to provide users with a standardised and efficient solution, eliminating the need for custom scripts. The objective was clear: enhance the CI pipeline by offering a dedicated component that simplifies the process of publishing Helm charts.

Introducing the drone-helm-chart-container-registry Plugin

Responding to this user's need, we are excited to introduce the drone-helm-chart-container-registry plugin. This is a Drone plugin, which is natively supported by Harness CI.

The plugin is designed to package and push Helm charts to a Docker Hub or Google Artifact Registry effortlessly. By integrating with Harness CI, this plugin eliminates the need for manual scripting, providing users with a seamless solution for publishing Helm charts.

Integration in Harness CI

Integrating the plugin into your Harness CI pipeline is straightforward. Define the plugin as a step in your pipeline YAML:

The plugin provides a range of customisation options, ensuring flexibility for various use cases:


Whether you are a seasoned DevOps professional or new to CI/CD, the drone-helm-chart-container-registry plugin simplifies the Helm chart publishing process. It seamlessly integrates with Harness CI, offering a native solution for packaging and pushing Helm charts to a Container registry.

For additional information, updates, and community support, explore the repository on GitHub.

Enhance your CI/CD pipelines with the native Helm chart publishing component in Harness CI, sign up for your free Harness account today!

If you would like to learn more, schedule a demo to see how Harness can revolutionise your software development process.

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