May 10, 2021

intelliflo Repurposed 2 FTEs + Increased Deployment Velocity 20x

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intelliflo widens access to financial advice through leading technology which powers the financial advisory experience. They use open software architecture combined with unmatched industry experience to simplify a complex digital landscape to help their customers thrive and grow. Their solutions support over 30,000 financial professionals worldwide, representing over three million end-investors, with over $1 trillion advised across their platforms.

Migrations Are Never Simple

As intelliflo expanded its customer base internationally, the company wanted to migrate to AWS for better multiregional customer support. I’m sure some of you reading this article just had a visceral reaction to the words “migrate to AWS.” Cloud modernization projects are never cut and dry - and are full of potential headaches. One headache that immediately presented itself to intelliflo was the need to modernize software delivery. 

Using a combination of Ansible and Jenkins scripts, intelliflo had created a fragile deployment pipeline structure. The pipelines were able to facilitate 10 deployments a day. Not bad. But in order to keep the pipelines working, intelliflo needed 2 full-time engineers dedicated to Jenkins maintenance. That’s roughly $250k in engineering resources spent on maintenance every year. 

intelliflo was initially hesitant to start a new deployment process from scratch during a cloud migration, so the company asked a team of developers to estimate the time needed to make their Jenkins pipelines work for AWS. The team reported back that modernizing Jenkins would take 5 months and a team of 6 developers. 

That wasn’t an option. intelliflo needed a better way to deploy software, and they needed it fast.

Harness is One Less Headache

Intelliflo quickly adopted and embraced Harness. 

“We went from 2-3 services to 40 in just a few weeks. I was expecting it to take months.”

Marc Pearce | Cloud Operations Manager

The services onboarded onto Harness immediately got access to out-of-the-box blue-green deployments, a simple GitOps experience, and an easy way to manage environment configurations. Harness became the single source of truth for the company. 

intelliflo now deploys 200+ times a day, all without the previous maintenance overhead.

“Harness is flexible and allows us to deploy the way we want.”

Marc Pearce | Cloud Operations Manager

Does the thought of cloud migration give you PTSD? Check out the Harness website to learn how we can help ease the burden.

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