February 29, 2024

Introducing Git Experience for Services, Environments, Infrastructure and Overrides in Harness CD

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In the enterprise tech world, setting up software is like a symphony. Think of services as skilled dancers, environments as different stages in development, and infrastructure as the conductor making sure everything runs smoothly. It's like teamwork turning into a smooth tech performance.

Breaking Down the Essentials:

  • Services: These are the individual components of software, each with a specific function such as handling data or managing user interactions as part of a deployable unit.
  • Environments: Think of environments as dedicated spaces where the software is developed, tested, and refined. They can be linked to different stages in the software development process.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure forms the backbone of deployment, encompassing servers, networks, and other foundational elements. It ensures the reliable and efficient operation of the software services ,where the services are deployed 
  • Overrides: Overrides provide a powerful mechanism for tailoring the configuration of services in a software deployment.

Unlocking the Power of Github

Understanding why storing in Github is like having a musical journal for your software journey. Github acts as the notes and melodies, documenting every change - a living record, much like watching your software symphony evolve from a raw draft to a spectacular performance. Imagine, just like replaying a favorite tune, these musical journeys similar to Harness entities in the Github repository can be revisited and referred, since these entities are persisted and available in a reliable, persistent store.

Storing your DevOps processes core elements – pipelines, templates, services, environments, and infrastructure, along with overrides – directly in Github is like adding a magic wand to your software orchestra, transforming teamwork into a smooth, coordinated dance.

Harness NextGen Continuous Deployment Exciting Update

Exciting news from Harness NextGen CD! Now, you can effortlessly store service, environment, and infrastructure definitions, along with their overrides, directly in GitHub. With Harness's seamless integration and user-friendly Github experience, managing and syncing these key elements becomes very easy. This upgrade simplifies teamwork and adds a unified and efficient touch to your development journey. Time to code Harness entities is very easy with Harness Git Experience! 🚀✨

To explore further, consider the following resources:

Learn more on managing Environments and Infrastructure definitions using Git Experience [Doc]

Explore insights on managing Services definitions using Git Experience .

Learn more about Service overrides with Overrides V2.

Watch this YouTube video for a visual walkthrough:


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