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November 20, 2023
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Simplifying Policy Creation and Management with Harness AIDA™


Coming Soon – AIDA™ Policy as Code Assistant

Harness continues to innovate in the realm of Continuous Delivery (CD) by introducing AIDA with Policies capabilities. This blog will dive into why we are developing this new feature and how it will transform your OPA experience.

The essence of this innovation is to simplify policy creation, management, and comprehension, which are crucial for maintaining governance and compliance in modern software delivery pipelines.

Understanding Open Policy Agent (OPA) – Simplifying Governance in Action:

For those new to the concept, Open Policy Agent (OPA) is a powerful, general-purpose policy engine that unifies policy enforcement across the stack. To better illustrate its significance, consider a common use case: preventing a software deployment that lacks an essential approval step. OPA allows you to define and enforce policies like this, ensuring that every deployment adheres to your organization's compliance and governance standards. This capability is crucial in modern software delivery to ensure control and compliance.

By integrating OPA into your workflow with Harness, AIDA can assist in writing these governance checks, thus streamlining your delivery process while ensuring adherence to crucial policy requirements.

Here are some of the key capabilities and benefits of Harness AIDA with Policies capabilities:

Write OPA Policies with ease:

Learning a new programming language to write policies can be daunting and time-consuming. This is where REGO (the language that powers Open Policy Agent and Harness Policies) has been a game changer - it's a powerful language tailored for evaluating JSON objects to make decisions based on specified criteria. However, with Harness AIDA, the game is changed yet again. Users are no longer required to dive deep into the syntax of REGO to start drafting policies. AIDA facilitates a seamless experience in getting a working policy up and running in a matter of minutes. This ease of adoption is revolutionary as it lowers the entry barrier for users new to policy creation and management.

Refinement and Build Context-Specific Policies:

A significant advantage of using AIDA is the ability to refine policies to address specific use cases rooted in the Harness platform context. This contextual adaptation makes modifying your Harness Policy a breeze. Over time, as your requirements evolve, your policies can morph into more complex structures through natural language inputs. The beauty of it is, you don’t have to be a REGO guru to draft or modify complex policies, making policy management a less daunting task.

Policy Summarization and Learning:

Harness believes in fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. With AIDA, new users can effortlessly learn about Harness Policies and obtain summarized details concerning a particular policy. This feature enables users to understand policies drafted by their peers without the necessity of reaching out for explanations. AIDA’s ability to comprehend and summarize policy behavior significantly cuts down the learning curve and accelerates team onboarding.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The summarization feature not only accelerates learning but also enhances collaboration among team members. When policies are easily understandable, it fosters a conducive environment for discussions, feedback, and continuous improvement. The seamless collaboration ensured by AIDA can be a significant driver for promoting a culture of transparency and shared understanding within your organization.

Harness's AIDA with Policies capabilities is undeniably a giant stride towards simplifying policy management while ensuring robust governance in your software delivery pipeline. By alleviating the need to become a REGO expert and enabling easy understanding and collaboration around policies, AIDA is set to be a significant asset for developers and teams aiming for streamlined, compliant, and efficient software delivery processes.

Want to level up your pipeline governance and continuous delivery practices? 

Experience the ease of policy management with Harness AIDA and elevate your Continuous Delivery journey to new heights. Explore more about Harness AIDA with Policies capabilities at  and sign up for a sign up for an AIDA demo today

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