June 4, 2024

What's New with Harness AIDA: Elevate Your DevOps with Enhanced AI Capabilities

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Key takeaway

Harness AI continues to expand into new areas, improving developer experience.

Since we announced it last year, our AI Development Assistant (AIDA) has been a game-changer for DevOps. It offered invaluable capabilities like build and deployment troubleshooting, OPA and Cloud Cost policy writing, and security remediation guidance. Since then, we enhanced AIDA take these benefits to the next level, bringing you even more powerful tools to optimize your software delivery lifecycle so you spend more time innovating and less time managing delivery.

1. Automated Code Generation

Harness AIDA now excels in generating code, comments, and tests automatically. This feature not only speeds up your development process but also ensures consistency and accuracy across your codebase.

With AIDA, you can quickly generate complex scripts and code snippets, reducing manual coding efforts and minimizing errors. Developers can also generate unit tests automatically for the code they write. When encountering existing, cryptic code you can ask AIDA to explain the code in the form of comments.

2. Semantic Search

Search a codebase using natural language. Instead of trying to decide whether to search for “Login” or “Authentication” or some acronym, ask AIDA “Where are the swagger docs defining how to build on top of the authentication API?” With AIDA Semantic Search, getting up-to-speed on a new codebase is faster and easier than ever.

4. Dashboard Intelligence and Business Insights

Quickly build the right dashboards with AIDA. Simply tell AIDA what data you’re looking to display and how you’d like it displayed and it will generate a reporting widget for you. You can ask for reports with simple questions like, “What are my total AWS costs in the past month?” Or ask, “How many stale feature flags do I have?”

5. ChaosGuard for Resilient Operations

ChaosGuard is a component of Harness Chaos Engineering designed to navigate the complexities of chaos experiments with precision. It allows organizations to stipulate who can initiate chaos experiments, where these can be conducted, and when they are allowed to occur. New capabilities in AIDA assist users in generating YAML configurations for those chaos experiments. 


Harness AIDA’s latest updates bring a new level of efficiency, intelligence, and security to your DevOps processes. From automated code generation to insightful dashboards, AIDA empowers your team to achieve more with less effort.

Explore the future of AI-driven DevOps with Harness AIDA and transform your software delivery lifecycle. For more information, visit the Harness AIDA page.

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