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September 22, 2023
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Harness Unveils Four Game-Changing Modules


Harness Unveils Four Game-Changing Modules

We're beyond excited to share some groundbreaking news with you. At the recent {unscripted} conference, we unveiled not one, not two, but four innovative modules on the Harness platform.

Our CEO and co-founder, Jyoti Bansal, perfectly encapsulated our enthusiasm: "The four new modules we are launching today represent a significant leap forward on our mission to enhance efficiency, foster collaboration, and fortify security throughout the software delivery lifecycle.”

Each module is designed to redefine software delivery and elevate the developer experience. Let's dive in!

1. Harness Releases Code Repository

Harness Code Repository is a premium module based on open-source Gitness (launched today) and tailored to meet the demands of enterprise teams and organizations. Gitness is a developer-friendly, open-source Git platform that addresses common obstacles in traditional software development workflows. Read more in the Gitness release blog here.

Code Repository brings in Collaborative code reviews, advanced governance with branch protection and policy enforcement powered by OPA to ensure code complies with predefined organizational standards and best practices, reducing manual intervention and human error  and seamless integrations tailored for the development process on the Harness platform.

It's launching in Beta soon. Please sign up using this form!

2. Harness Internal Developer Portal (IDP): Empowering Developers Like Never Before

Developer portals are no longer a luxury; they're a necessity. As development organizations grow and information becomes scattered across many small teams and services, we need to help developers understand it all.

Enter the Harness IDP. It accelerates onboarding, consolidates information across the toolchain, and brings developer documentation to a central, searchable home. With features like the Software Catalog (built on the Backstage platform), Scorecards, and Self-Service Automation, developers spend less time looking for help and more time innovating. 

Discover more about Harness IDP.

3. Harness Infrastructure as Code Management (IaCM): Automation and Security at Its Best

Infrastructure as Code Management (IaCM) is revolutionizing how companies manage cloud resources. Our module takes IaC to the next level by adding pipeline automation, governance, and security. From an advanced IaC automation pipeline to OPA-based infrastructure policies, Harness IaCM ensures efficient, secure, and compliant infrastructure management.

Dive into Harness IaCM.

4. Harness Software Supply Chain Assurance (SSCA): Secure, Compliant, and Efficient

Modern applications are being built with an exponentially increasing number of open-source components, introducing new vulnerabilities that put software consumers at risk. To help organizations extend their DevSecOps practices to enhance open-source governance and ensure artifact integrity, our Software Supply Chain Assurance (SSCA) module offers unparalleled visibility and control over open-source components. From generating SBOMs to ensuring software integrity, this module is a comprehensive solution for modern software supply chain challenges. 
Learn more here.

Exciting updates to existing modules

  • GitOps with Flux: At {unscripted}, the Harness team demonstrated upcoming support for Flux. Harness brings a centralized management layer, graphical dashboarding, and strong pipeline management to Flux’s command-line-driven GitOps. As the GitOps community debates Argo vs Flux, our answer is, “Why not work with both?” 
  • Getting started help: We also announced the public preview of a new Harness CLI and a new Getting Started UX for this module.
  • Automated Feature Flag Lifecycle Management: Coordinating feature flags in the code and the management tooling can be tricky. On the floor, we are showing new capabilities for archiving old flags and quickly restoring them if prematurely archived. We will also show our beta feature on automatically removing stale flags from the code base instead of manually removing them, giving time back to the development teamLearn more here.

Oh, and we have another exciting announcement before we sign off! We've initiated two industry-wide communities:

  • Engineering Excellence Collective™, a consortium of 300 senior engineering leaders dedicated to addressing industry challenges. Read more about it here.
  • FinOps Excellence, a community-driven initiative to bring together leaders working in cloud cost management globally. Read more about it here

Harness is committed to transforming software delivery. With our latest modules, we're one step closer to that vision. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy coding!

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