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Announcing the Harness Feature Flags Backstage Plugin: The Developer-Centric View You Need

With the new Harness Feature Flags Backstage plugin, developers can have a more focused view of feature flags from within the Backstage platform.

Five Key Technologies Shaping the Future of Software Delivery

If you’re ready to take your software delivery to the next level, consider looking into these five key concepts that are quickly becoming essential to modern software delivery. 

What Makes Harness a Leader and Outperformer in the GigaOm Radar Report for Feature Flags

We’re thrilled to debut as a Leader and Outperformer in the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for Feature Flags. This award exemplifies how Harness Feature Flags delivers on its promise as an innovative feature flag platform.

Announcing Flag Pipelines to Automate Feature Flag Governance and Daily Management

Harness is extending how you can use pipelines with the launch of a new concept, Flag Pipelines, to automate feature flag governance and daily management.

Announcing Support for PHP in Harness Feature Flags

We’re excited to announce that Harness Feature Flags now supports the open source PHP SDK.

Creating an Open Standard for Feature Flags

Harness is excited to announce our participation in OpenFeature, a new open source project that establishes a standard for feature flag management.

Introducing On-Premise Support for Feature Flags to Deploy More Securely

This new deployment model is particularly important for organizations that have complex self-hosted software delivery models, including government and public sector organizations with highly specific regulatory and implementation requirements, as well as enterprise security companies.

LaunchDarkly Info, Pricing, & Alternatives

Are you looking for LaunchDarkly alternatives? We compare LaunchDarkly to feature flag tools like Optimizely, Split, and Harness Feature Flags.

The Harness Tooltip Framework

See how we selected our tooltip framework, how we implemented it, how we benefit from tooltips, and see examples of nicely-formatted tooltips.

Progressive Delivery: Canaries and Feature Flags

Using canaries for your deployment strategy and feature flags for your release strategy is additive - and we recommend it.

Metrikus Shortens Commit-to-Production Time by 66%

Metrikus made feature flag management easy with Harness. See how you can too.

Implement Your First Feature Flag

In this example, by leveraging the Harness Platform and an example project, you can gauge the level of effort to start using Harness Feature Flags and potentially look to scale this across your team and organization.

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