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March 19, 2024
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A New Way to Understand Your Product Usage


Many platform teams rolling out Harness want to understand how application teams are using Harness Continuous Delivery. Previously, that meant sampling pipelines at random or running surveys. They told us that they wanted an easier way to understand their utilization which led to the creation of the new Product Usage tab. This dynamic dashboard offers insightful glimpses into feature utilization within Harness, your proficiency level with the module, and handy graphs providing quick updates on deployment activities and frequencies.

Now, let's delve deeper into some of the exciting features packed into the product usage tab!

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Tailored Organization and Project Selection

Kickstart your navigation by customizing the organization and project settings right from the top left corner.

By specifying the organization and project, you can align all the tiles on this page to cater precisely to your preferred deployment environment. Filtering allows you to see your overall account, organization, and product usage in Harness, providing insights into the features you're using and how your deployments are progressing at an account level. 

Discover Feature Insights

Understand which Harness features you’re using with the feature insights pane:

Each box on this pane represents a unique feature available in the module. The color intensity of each box corresponds to its utilization percentage. Hover over any box to unveil the percentage breakdown, revealing which parts of the feature are actively used and which are left untapped. For instance, in the snapshot above, Terraform based provisioning displays 50% utilization, indicating that half of its relevant feature steps are utilized in pipelines.

We recognize that not all features may be relevant to your specific use case, so we've included a toggle switch at the top right allowing you to hide unused features.

Mastering Continuous Delivery

Unlock the full potential of continuous delivery with Harness' innovative 3-tier system for measuring CD Mastery. From our Basic tier, offering essential features, to the Pro tier with advanced capabilities, and the top-tier Advanced level, Harness empowers you to elevate your CD Mastery score by leveraging key features tailored to your account, organization, or project. Our platform provides personalized recommendations and guidance to accelerate your journey towards mastering continuous delivery, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in software delivery excellence.

This pane provides an overview of major features or feature groups within the module alongside their corresponding mastery levels. As you progress in your mastery, watch your badge at the top evolve based on the number of features you've successfully incorporated. Additionally, glean valuable insights on enhancing your mastery level through the linked documentation and recommendations provided at the bottom of the pane.

Deployment Insights in Action

Beneath the feature insights pane, you will find three graphs that give an idea of your product utilization at a glance. 

Two of these graphs offer a bird's-eye view of deployment and failure rates across all deployments within your account, spanning both production and non-production environments. The last graph takes a look at your service instances and compares them directly to deployment frequency. 

Increase Your Usage Today

Understanding your usage of Harness Continuous Delivery has never been easier. With the introduction of our Product Usage tab and its array of insightful features, navigating the world of Continuous Delivery becomes not only easier but more rewarding. From tailored organization settings to in-depth feature insights and mastery tracking, our platform empowers users to optimize their deployment strategies with confidence. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, Harness is here to elevate your deployment experience to new heights. 

Harness the power of the product usage tab right now; the feature is currently launched for all beta environments globally. 

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