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January 11, 2022
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How to Fail Fast With Test Intelligence in CI


Our very own Shivakumar Ningappa, Principal Software Engineer, recently participated in a webinar hosted by about how to fail fast with Test Intelligence in CI. His 38 minute talk was full of pearls of wisdom. Right below is the video of his talk, and below that, we'll post some highlights!

How to Fail Fast With Test Intelligence in CI

2:09 - Shiv talks about the backstory to Test Intelligence, which is based in bottlenecks. Pop quiz: What's the biggest bottleneck in the software development life cycle? You guessed it: testing! Testing won at 52% in a survey of bottlenecks.

3:53 - Here, Shiv highlights the importance of testing by showing multiple examples of outages/downtime at large companies (think: FAANG large). It all could have been avoided... with proper testing!

4:15 - Some observations about testing. Shiv talks about lengthy unit testing cycles, the complete opposite of our "fail fast" motto, and rising infra costs.

6:45 - Shiv goes over the benefits of the fail fast methodology. The name of the game is speed!

9:00 - Now we're getting into the good stuff! Here, Shiv talks about Test Intelligence and how we built it. But first, he talks about its benefits. These include accelerating dev cycle time, increasing visibility into test cycles, and identifying gaps in code coverage. The good stuff.

9:38 - There may or may not be a test funnel that looks an awful lot like a slice of pizza. At least, to a hungry woman, it does. This funnel shows where Test Intelligence ends up in the funnel.

11:36 - There's a pretty cool diagram here about the Test Intelligence sequence. If you're not going to watch the video and only want to read the highlights, I took a screenshot for you:

Test Intelligence Sequence Diagram

14:47 - Another important diagram for you! Here's what Test Intelligence supports:

Test Intelligence Instrumentation: Diagram of tech supported by Test Intelligence - and what's coming soon.

19:00 - The demo begins! Shiv walks us through Test Intelligence so you can see, with your own eyes, how gamechanging it is.

27:20 - What everybody's been waiting for: the results. Shiv shows us data and comparisons. How much time can you save with Test Intelligence? Turns out it's a lot. Namely, 52%. That's a significant amount of time regained.

The rest of the webinar was reserved for Q&A, so this concludes our recap! Hope you enjoyed it, and we'll see you next webinar.

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