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May 26, 2020
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Harness Product Update | May 2020


As we round out the month of May, what seems to be the new norm is facing a screen for work, entertainment, and everything else in between. At Harness, on top of wishing everyone well, we have been continuing to innovate and increase our sense of community and virtual presence to allow our clients and community to interact. Let’s take a look at what’s been moving and shaking at Harness this month. 

Microsoft Teams Integration 

One more “ops” phoneme like DevOps is ChatOps; or conversation based development/operations. ChatOps has been growing in popularity as communication platforms such as Slack is ingrained in our day-to-day engineering lives. We are excited to have built native functionality integrating Microsoft Teams into Harness. Check out this short video to get you up and running. 

Provision Users from SCIM Providers

System for Cross-domain Identity Management [SCIM] providers are growing in prowess as our enterprise applications grow more distributed. Okta, OneLogin, and Azure AD are all examples of SCIM providers. Access to Harness can now be managed entirely from Okta, OneLogin, or Azure AD. If your organization is using one of the newly supported identity providers, you can integrate it today. 

OpenShift Templates 

Red Hat OpenShift is a popular platform-as-a-service container platform. OpenShift allows for templatization for creating of objects inside of OpenShift with OpenShift Templates. The Harness Platform now supports OpenShift Templates and a way to deploy to Kubernetes inside of OpenShift. 

Additional Update

  • You can now trigger a deployment via Harness’s GraphQL API. Leveraging the GraphQL API is a secure method of interacting with Harness, and kicking off a deployment will respect the Harness access permissions granted to the Pipeline. To get started, you can check out the Harness Documentation or an excellent Harness Community Post on getting started.

Deliver Better

Learning how to successfully deliver software is part art and part science. Navigating the journey can be difficult; it can be tricky to know where to start, and as you gain more experience, the problem sets seem to get more complex. We are excited to reveal a new resource and community for those at any experience level who want to learn more. Deliver Better is designed to provide learning content to enable enterprise software delivery.  We’ll strive to answer intrinsic questions, such as explaining the value of DevOps to Leadership. Be sure to stop by and subscribe.

HarnessU Summer Semester 

Summer semester [if you are in the Northern Hemisphere] is around the corner at Harness University. We have created an updated and enhanced curriculum for new and returning students focusing on your first canary deployment in Kubernetes. We would love to see you at an upcoming Harness University in June. 

Notable Mentions

We have been getting some press in May. Here are a few highlights.

Upcoming Virtual Events
Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. 

Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. Find all of our events on our upcoming event page.

Onwards June

We have been working on something pretty special which we are excited to tell everyone about in the upcoming weeks, and you will surely be delighted. As the weather heats up and if you are in need of a checky t-shirt, stop by the Harness T-Shirt Hall of Fame and grab one for your wardrobe. Stay tuned to Harness as we gear to helping you deliver better. 

Until we check in again,


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