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April 11, 2024
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Instructor-Led Training Now Available from Harness University


At Harness, we are champions of education and learning. When we launched Harness University we had a goal to democratize learning about Harness products and capabilities. Today with the goal of accelerating your success, we are now offering in-depth training courses on Harness Modules as part of Harness University. Learn from Harness Product Education Engineers in live Instructor-Led Training [ILT] sessions across 2-days per course.

Instructor-Led Training Experience

Our Instructor-Led Training is designed to be hands-on and challenging/rewarding for learners. A cloud shell including a Linux virtual machine and Kubernetes cluster is provided for you with everything that you will need to complete the exercises over the course of two days. An ephemeral Harness Account is also provided so that if you are already leveraging Harness, you have a safe environment to learn and experiment in. 

ILT Cloud Shell Experience

This experience is available in a few different formats. 

Instructor-Led Delivery Options

We offer three distinct delivery methods for ILT to meet your or your organization’s needs from shared to dedicated classrooms. 

  • Shared Virtual: Public calendar, join other learners virtually.
  • Dedicated Virtual: Dedicated to your organization, delivered virtually. 
  • Dedicated On-site Dedicated to your organization, delivered on-site.

ILT is part of your educational journey at Harness.

Harness University Educational Journey

Harness University is a one stop shop for educational needs at Harness. Powered by Harness Developer Hub, you learn self-paced or instructor-led formats. 

The culmination of education is our certification program. Taking an ILT will have you well prepared to take an admin or architect level certification from Harness. You can purchase individual shared classroom experiences via Harness University. For dedicated sessions you can reach out to your account manager or Hope to see you in class!

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