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July 31, 2023
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Easily Migrate Continuous Integration Pipelines to Harness


We are excited to unveil our newest innovation, the Harness Continuous Integration (CI) Migration Utility. This free, open-source tool simplifies the process of transferring your CI pipelines from various providers to Harness.

Switching between CI providers has traditionally been a challenging and time-consuming task. Our new utility eases this process by automating up to 80% of the migration work, saving you both time and effort. We facilitate transitions from a range of CI providers including GitLab, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket, Cloud Build, Drone, and Travis CI.

Watch It In Action

In this demo, we'll show how to use the Harness CI Migration Utility to rapidly migrate a CircleCI pipeline to Harness for running automated builds. You can apply a similar process to migrate CI pipelines from other supported vendors.

Why Harness CI is Your Ideal Choice?

Harness CI, powered by Harness Modern Software Delivery Platform, provides a comprehensive solution designed to accelerate your builds, streamline your workflow, and give developers more time to focus on what they do best - coding.

Harness CI has all the features needed to scale for the largest organizations while empowering developers with the autonomy they need to ship the best features quickly, efficiently, reliably, and securely.

Key benefits of using Harness CI

  • Up to 4X Faster - Harness CI is the fastest CI solution in the market. It offers various features to speed up builds, including Proprietary Test Intelligence which reduces unit tests cycle time with ML-based selective tests execution, Cache Intelligence for automatic dependencies caching and Docker Layer Caching.
  • Cost-Effective Builds: Harness offers competitive cloud runners pricing. Couple this with our reduced build durations, and you stand to make significant savings.
  • Support for any Git provider - Harness CI integrates seamlessly with any Git-based Source Code Manager, including GitHub, Bitbucket Server & cloud, GitLab, Azure Repos.
  • Versatile Workload Support: Build and test mobile apps, web servers, functions, and more, in any programming language and anywhere. We support both cloud-native & traditional applications, and allow builds and tests on Linux, macOS, Windows, on a VM, or in a container. Use Harness Cloud or your self-hosted runners for maximum flexibly.
  • Thousands of Integrations - Tap into the collective wisdom of community plugins by leveraging Drone Plugins, Github Actions, and Bitrise Steps in your CI Pipelines. It allows you to keep using your favorite community integrations directly from Harness CI, simplifying the transition from these vendors further.
  • Increase Collaboration and Standardization with granular centralized templates. Capture best practices and onboard team members and projects easily.
  • Declutter your DevOps Toolbox consolidating your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) under the Harness umbrella to streamline your Build, Deployment, Release and Security processes with unified pipelines and
  • Enterprise-Ready - Like other modules in the Harness suite, Harness CI is powered by the Harness Modern Software Delivery platform. Our platform provides robust features that cater to enterprise needs, including granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Policies-as-Code (OPA-based), Audit Trails, Advanced Dashboards, and more. See Harness platform capabilities to learn more about our platform.

Join the Open-Source Journey

In the spirit of collaborative innovation, we're making the Harness CI Migration Utility available as an open-source Git project. We invite developers worldwide to contribute to its development and enhancement, furthering our mission to streamline DevOps processes and eliminate developer toil.

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