January 16, 2024

Navigate a New Way: Your Dedicated User Experience

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Key takeaway

There is a new way to navigate Harness. Harness has a new user interface (UI) and its available to use now! Learn more about it in this blog post, and go and try it out.

At Harness we strive to continuously improve our products to provide you with the best user experience. In our efforts to do so we found that our one-size-fits-all interface no longer meets the needs of our ever growing platform. Some of these growing pains include difficulty managing resources that are shared across modules and changing scopes. It has become clear that our navigation platform needs to mature alongside our platform.

Feedback from our users informed these changes including:

  • Specialists who wanted the feel of a point tool rather than a broad software platform.
  • DevOps engineers care more about pipelines than whether the pipelines is for builds, deployments or provisioning.
  • Leaders who just want to get into dashboards and reporting quickly.

Introducing Nav 2.0, a new design that updates the information hierarchy of our platform to provide a curated user experience for these different types of users. Brace yourselves for a brand new look featuring an interface designed to reduce confusion and save you valuable time, allowing you to get ship done.

Still Curious? Let’s Look at Some Features:

Stay Focused with our Scope Selector: Look to the top left of your screen to find the new scope selector. Quickly navigate to your desired level of specificity and see an overview of that account, organization, or project. 

Don’t Be Distracted, Choose a Module: Focus your workspace by choosing an individual module. Doing so removes distraction from your workspace and reduces the navigation options available to help you find what you need, faster. 

No More Digging! Find Common Resources at the Top: Our new Unified View will now allow for immediate access to shared scope resources such as pipelines or executions without having to navigate through a module. As we go forward, more common concepts will move from the modules to the Project.

Never Forget Where You Are: Always keep track of your workflow with our new breadcrumb trail on each page that lets seamlessly travel back in your hierarchy.

Access Settings Easier: Configure your platform quickly with a brand new settings page that can be accessed from all three scopes.

Don’t Worry, There is No Wait!

Get ready to embrace the enhanced Harness user interface, available now. You now have the opportunity to explore these improvements firsthand. Your feedback is crucial to us, so when you dive into these exciting new features please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions. Let's navigate to success together in 2024!

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