February 22, 2022

Congratulations to Our Star Performers

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At Harness, we believe that recognition should be shared for a job well done, regardless of the size of said job. We encourage our team to recognize and celebrate the daily wins, as well as the massive milestones, and to tie that recognition back to our Values to promote a culture of purpose and appreciation. On a monthly basis, we recognize the 3 Top Canaries who have been shouted out by their peers, highlighting their work on our All Hands call and hooking them up with a sweet bonus. On a semi-annual basis, we take the time at our Company Kick Off Meeting to recognize the top 5% of our talent on a global scale. Please join us in congratulating our Star Performers:

Abby Haan

Abby Haan

Development Representative, United States

Abby always goes above and beyond, creatively finding ways to build relationships with customers and doing whatever it takes to stand out. Last year, she took it upon herself to create bold, witty, and relevant content for TikTok and Instagram, and partnered with marketing to use it to elevate and expand our brand. Her positive and can-do attitude has also been an invaluable asset to in-person events like AWS re:Invent. Congratulations, Abby!

Andrew Ziverts

Andrew Ziverts

Large Enterprise Sales Manager, United States

Andrew makes everyone around him better. He is fully immersed in his deals, always has a plan, prepares, and fully executes. This time last year, Andrew shared his goal of being our number 1 rep. He never wavered from that goal, and with 4 hours left in the year, he closed a major airline, which helped him achieve the #1 rep in terms of Year 1 ACV Credit. He also finished FY22 over quota!

Andrew not only Gets Ship Done, he simply perseveres! He did not let anything distract him from his mission of being number our #1 rep. Words are one thing, actions are another. With every curveball, nothing held Andrew back. He understood the moment and made no excuses. He had a goal, determination, and a plan.  

Andrew’s positive attitude uplifts the team and he brings a fun, friendly energy to work. He actually opens most calls to the champion by saying, “Hey buddy.” His customers like him. His champions LOVE him! He has a humble aggression that his customers appreciate. He is smart, talented, incredibly resourceful, and his laughter and personality are infectious. It is an honor to have him be part of this journey. Congratulations, Andrew!

Anjan Balgovind

Anjan Balgovind

Staff Software Engineer, United States

Anjan has gone beyond his primary skill and started performing as a full stack developer. He developed complex features, like the custom health source – and demonstrated the Get Ship Done attitude on numerous occasions to complete this feature. He worked on a slider component, which was quite complex, but key to new UX design. Initially, we used a library but when we found it could not meet all our requirements, he quickly developed a new component that did.

Anjan continues to overcome obstacles to be the best and give his best. He always improves on his knowledge (no matter what), and he never gives up on finding resolutions. He is an absolute overcomer.

Archit Singla - Star Performers

Archit Singla

Staff Software Engineer, India

Archit is the core member of the NG team who built the pipeline platform. He took complete ownership of design and development for Template Library, Failure Strategies, and Conditional Executions in our next generation of the CD module.

Archit is very thorough in what he does, and he is a great mentor to the new folks joining our team. He embodies the values of Be Bold, Get Ship Done, and Stay Humble. He takes time to really invest in educating his teammates in project management and career growth.

Archit is the mentor, the educator, the person that time after time ensures his team is successful. He always rises to the occasion to show his team that nothing is impossible.  

Ashneel Reddy

Ashneel Reddy

Sr. IT Systems Administrator, United States

Ashneel has made a strong impact on the team since the day he joined. His work has helped Continuously Improve our organization. He successfully led the implementation of multiple projects and spearheaded the efforts for a test environment. He Knows His Customers and actively partners across the business to successfully roll out implementations, from partnering with Marketing and Legal, to working closely with the Engineering team during a POC process to make sure their experience is captured.

Ashneel has proven to be a leader, a subject matter expert for corporate applications, and an invaluable resource for the team. He remains calm and collected under pressure, especially as he juggles multiple projects and priorities. He always looks for ways to streamline processes and procedures. He is gifted with the amazing ability to find the solution to ANY tech issue, and he Remembers the Human throughout it all. For Ashneel, that is the way.

Cristina Valdes - Star Performers

Cristina Valdes

Large Enterprise Sales Manager, United States

What an asset to have in the Harness Family! Cristina has built a legacy at Harness of consistent overachievement quarter over quarter, year over year. Even though she was out on parental leave for 3 months during Q4 of FY22, Cristina was highly successful in both her role as a sales leader and as a new mom. She closed FY22 well over quota, placing her at #3 in the Sales Org. Amazing accomplishment and an inspiration to everyone!

She does this while embodying all of the Harness Values. She is the CEO of her territory, focused on building the incredible foundation of a strong and sustainable business. She is a fierce advocate for her customers, she Builds Trust, always looks to Continuously Improve, compete, and set the bar higher and higher.

Cristina Knows Her Customers. That value and consistent legacy was never more evident in Q4 when Cristina was on maternity leave until the final 2 weeks of the fiscal year. By Knowing Her Customers, their renewals, their needs, their consumption, and their growth, she set the table with them prior to leaving, and the team easily followed through with her meticulous planning. Cristina is a firecracker. What a competitive spirit. She will mix it up with the best. Mediocrity is not in her vocabulary. Go CV!

Dave Johnston

Dave Johnston

Principal Software Engineer, Belfast

Dave has become the technical spine of the Feature Flags product. He was key in the drive for GA. Since then, he scaled a team that delivered on significant features multiple times already. He has put everything into ensuring our Sales and Support teams are always unblocked, regardless of what time it is.

Dave will do whatever it takes to make the product successful. He lives by our value Get Ship Done, and our Customer comes first. He gives 100% to ensure a win, and he continuously leads by delivering key components in high spirits, pushing through back-to-back deadlines.  

Evan Matheson - Star Performers

Evan Matheson

Senior Accountant, United States

Evan is the glue of his team and the most versatile member of it. He carried the accounting function during the heart of COVID, responsible for everything from payroll, to invoicing, and everything in between. He’s always cool under pressure, and anytime someone is out on PTO, he fills in and handles everything seamlessly.

Evan has also done a great job training our newer team members and helping them get up to speed as we scale. He is responsible for most of the key training manuals we have in place today, and continues to update policies and the wiki to make information easily accessible for the team. He is a constant reminder of Remember The Human, and his customer service to Harness team members is unparalleled. He is tremendously responsive and always goes out of his way to help people, no matter what the question or issue is – even if it’s not his own area of responsibility. Whatever you need, you can count on Evan to Get Ship Done. Congratulations Evan on this well-deserved achievement!

Gabriel “Gabs” Cerioni

Gabriel “Gabs” Cerioni

Customer Success Engineer, Brazil

Gabriel just finished his first year with Harness, and what a year it was! Across the team of 20 support people working for Harness, Gabs has made the largest impact this past year. We want to make sure that his contribution is recognized and celebrated. As the second most active support person by number of customer communications, he has also managed to write more community articles than any other support person, helping our Marketing team with important content for blogs and docs.

Gabriel has the capacity to explain complicated issues in a friendly and helpful way that customers can understand. He is always available for our customers – internally and externally – and partners with them to quickly find solutions to their problems. He gets high praise from customers, peers, and managers for his excellent work while taking care of some of the most complicated accounts and problems.

No matter the challenge, Gabs Gets Ship Done! He routinely develops scripts to solve problems, and has done this several times with key customers. Teammates say his eagerness, dedication, and friendly demeanor inspire them. They appreciate the time he puts in to make sure his solutions are comprehensive. His balance of productivity, likability, and gratitude is unmatched; the definition of everything you want to see in an employee and more. Thank you for your continued hard work, Gabriel, and Congratulations!

Ginger Bisharat - Star Performers

Ginger Bisharat

Executive Assistant to the CFO and General Counsel, United States

Ginger delivered the FY22 Security & Privacy Awareness Training in under one month to the entire company, which helped unlock SOC 2 compliance. Through her efforts, Harness achieved 98% completion of the training, including contractors and interns.

She also designed, produced, and managed the first Cybersecurity Awareness Month events program at Harness, including writing and delivering 8 cybersecurity quizzes, and working with Strategic Finance to build a meta score tracking sheet outside of the quiz platform functionality. The month’s festivities culminated in a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Happy Hour hybrid event, with prizes awarded, which helped the team Continuously Improve and Celebrate Together in style.

Along with taking on the aforementioned Security projects, Ginger also assumed new responsibilities with Legal, managing EA support for Jill and team, while continuing to keep FISCA at large organized, connected, and on track. Ginger juggles a staggering amount of items to help ensure the entire FISCA team stays organized and on track with our goals, and the legal team, and as a part-time PMO for the Security Org. Congratulations Ginger, and thank you for all that you do!

Graham Kirkland

Graham Kirkland

Senior GTM Recruiter – EMEA, London

Graham directly helped us stand up the EMEA region mostly from scratch, partnering with Stephen (who had just started as the new regional GM) and the EMEA teams to help us achieve our hiring goals for the year! Not only is Graham our only GTM recruiter in the region, he also managed to take on all of our Customer Success recruiting globally, supporting Manny Ruiz’s business across all time zones. Not only did he hit his annual hiring capacity goals, but he overachieved them multiple times.

Graham Remembers the Human in every interaction, which makes him a great communicator and collaborator – not just across the People and Places Org, but across the whole company. Graham is always willing to help and take on new initiatives or side projects, even if it’s not his focus area. For example, he helps facilitates the monthly Culture Canaries New Hire Orientation, he owned the COVID research and data collection for the EMEA business by reporting weekly during the pandemic for mission-critical decisions to be made, and how he takes ownership of the candidate experience and goes the extra mile to ensure his stakeholders fill their roles.

Graham is known as the team cheerleader, increasing morale and shouting support to all of People and Places. Through his positive demeanor and daily focus, he brings a light to the team that is often needed during times of daily stress and fast-paced work. Since he’s 5+ hours ahead of the rest of us, he wakes up every Monday with a warm welcome to the team and ends each Friday with a virtual high five and a smile. Thank you for everything that you do Graham. Congratulations!

Hitesh Aringa

Hitesh Aringa

Engineering Manager, India

Hitesh built the services powering CCM. He leads by example, being hands-on in incident investigations, mentoring engineers, and running day to day team operations. Hitesh also leads the efforts on optimizing non-production costs for Harness by monitoring cost anomalies and creating team-specific cost ownership structures.

Hitesh is an awesome motivator and mentor, with a speciality of Continuously Improving mindsets to meet deadlines. Moreover, he always works on improving communication delivery to be impactful to the team. He was the first engineer on the CCM team in India. He has made a ‘work home’ for the next engineers by providing detailed insights on how to be successful at Harness. He definitely leads by example and strength.

John Behm - Star Performers

John Behm

Large Enterprise Sales Manager, United States

John is the example of Stay Humble. He sold to incredible logos that helped take Harness to new heights. No matter how busy he is, John is always willing to help others. He is driven to Continuously Improve and definitely knows how to Get Ship Done! Congratulations, John!

Kurt Cieszko

Kurt Cieszko

Director Enterprise Sales – East, United States

Kurt supports his team with excellence. He made sure to deliver the revenue, take care of his employees, and hit our revenue targets. He is a team player, very results-oriented, and has strong customer-facing interactions.

Kurt embodies Harness’ values through and through. He spent the year recruiting talent, delivering results, and leading a high performing team. His top three reps were over quota. Kurt has high empathy and is always there to lend a hand to any team or anyone in need, and does so with a smile. Thank you and congratulations, Kurt!

Madhu Natraj - Star Performers

Madhu Natraj

Executive Assistant, India

Over the past year, Madhu has ensured the India team has felt connected to each other and Harness – even while remote. She never wavers when tasked with something, and works to ensure everything she does is with the employees in mind. Specific shout out and recognition for the India offsite in November 2021 and bringing employees together safely for an extremely successful event.

Madhu was asked to put together an extremely large offsite event and was able to put together travel, event logistics, agenda, branding and swag – all while maintaining the budget she was given. She definitely Got Ship Done! Madhu is truly a bright star, she takes on anything asked of her and ensures that the employees are always first in thought.

Marko Milic

Marko Milic

Staff Software Engineer, Serbia

Marko took ownership of the Delegate upon starting, and boldly got to work setting up new developments and adding to existing developments to assist in taking Harness to the next level. He mentors his team and others outside of his team to give the best and do the best. He joined us in May 2021, and has quickly made a huge impact on the Delegate implementation.

He is currently driving the Immutable Delegate initiative, which is almost complete. He also joined the DevX council, jumping in and finishing the Maven to Bazel migration. Congratulations, Marko!

Meenakshi Raikwar

Meenakshi Raikwar

Senior Software Engineer, India

Meenakshi started as an UI engineer and has aspirations to work on the backend. She started with the backend tasks for connector, and was able to deliver the migration framework for the Harness Next Generation platform and Service landing page backend, making the transition from UI to Full Stack Engineer very seamless.

Meenakshi embodies the Harness values Be Bold and Continuously improve by virtue of the work mentioned above. One area where Meenakshi has improved a lot is in the ability to do cross-team collaboration efficiently, and keeping all stakeholders on the same page with respect to progress of projects.

She never gives up. She’s a fighter! Meenakshi has gained more confidence and has delivered features like Delegateless support for connectors, independently handling both the UI and backend aspects of it.

Miyo Yamasaki

Miyo Yamasaki

Sr. HR Generalist, United States

Miyo takes care of the day-to-day tasks and asks that have a huge impact on the employee experience. Whether it’s onboarding new hires, an urgent employment verification request, or assisting employees with navigating their benefits enrollments, she’s there! Every aspect of her job has an impact on our employees, and Miyo takes pride in Knowing Her Customers. She often assists employees with sensitive issues like immigration and leaves of absence, which require both precision and compassion. She understands when a matter is truly urgent and makes it her top priority. Congratulations Miyo, and thank you for everything you do!

Nick Morrison

Commercial Account Executive, United States

Nick had an incredible year, closing some incredible logos and ultimately reaching above his quota! Nick is able to achieve such great success because he Knows His Customers holistically and knows what matters to them as individuals, while also understanding what matters to the business. He’s able to combine this intimate customer knowledge with impressive Harness product knowledge to Build Trust, create lasting partnerships, and Get Ship Done. Congratulations, Nick!

Nik Papageorgiou - Star Performers

Nik Papageorgiou

Sales Engineer, United Kingdom

Nik goes above and beyond on POVs, notably building out custom templates for customers without hesitation. He is also leaning in and helping the Commercial and Enterprise teams with the SDCA process. Nik’s technical ability as a Sales Engineer is second to none, as is his credibility with customers. He has a reputation as a team player and always makes time to assist colleagues. He is proactive and constructive in looking for ways to Continuously Improve. Congratulations, Nik!

Pranay Kaikini

Pranay Kaikini

Director, Product Management, United States

Over the last year, Pranay has become the most trusted asset for all things Platform in the company. He went from being the sole PM for Platform to helping 10+ new CI/CD customers successfully onboard. He ensured the timely closure of key security issues for the JPMC CD deal in the last week of the Q4. Furthermore, he worked with 5 different engineering teams operating out of 3 geographies to launch the CD Community Edition while ensuring that the quickstart UX & docs remained rock solid. Pranay doesn’t get fazed when the task ahead of him looks insurmountable. He carefully analyzes success criteria, crafts a game plan, seeks feedback to make the plan stronger, and executes with extreme diligence. Congrats, Pranay!

Ragesh Moyan - Star Performers

Ragesh Moyan

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, India

Ragesh is a critical key player in the Site Reliability Engineering team, supporting the Engineering and Production SRE-related activities in India time. He hyperfocuses on automation, which has led to the Continuous Improvement of many SRE operational processes in deployments and observability. He leads the effort on migrating all our services and pipelines onto CDNG, formulating best practices on how to go about managing the configs, and defining our Production and QA pipelines.

Ragesh embodies Harness values of Staying Humble, Building Trust, and Getting Ship Done.  Most of the folks who work with Ragesh can attest to the above. He delivers over and over to the highest level. He’s unique in his adaptability to succeed when everything is constantly changing.

Robyn Goh

Robyn Goh

UX Designer, Singapore

Robyn helped deliver the much-awaited Templates capability in the Harness next generation platform. She is a migration wizard and is now leading the OverOps integration design. Robyn manages to wrangle requirements into something cohesive and creates ready designs on some of our more difficult problems. She collaborates across time zones, partnering with product and engineering members to Get Ship Done. No task is difficult for Robyn – she has got you covered and helps out with cheer. Congratulations, Robyn!

Rohit Karelia - Star Performers

Rohit Karelia

Staff Software Engineer, United States

Rohit has helped deliver many high-impact features on the Harness next generation CD module, like Triggers and the Terraform provisioner. He is a crucial member of the GitOps team, building the API layer, data snapshot for latency, and managing the backend infrastructure of GitOps services. He also led the cross-functional initiative of  deployment decoupling for patch releases. Rohit is a trusted, reliable team player and leader who is always ready to help with any customer escalations or onboarding help. Congratulations, Rohit!

Rox Williams - Star Performers

Rox Williams

Senior Content Strategy Manager, United States

Rox applies deep research to understand what our target buyers and customers are searching for, and relentlessly works across product marketing, engineering, product, sales, CS, and community teams to find the best subject matter expert to help create and publish the content our future customers are looking for. She helped grow our content program, boosting our blog traffic by 600%, and bringing hundreds of thousands of new people to the Harness website. No challenge is too big for Rox. After growing our blog traffic by 6x this past year, we challenged her to 10x it this year, and without blinking an eye, she stepped right up to the challenge and got to work with a bigger, bolder plan. Congratulations, Rox! We can’t wait to see what you do!

Samarth Wadhwa

Samarth Wadhwa

Senior Product Manager, United States

Samarth does a fantastic job working with key customers while partnering with the field organization. He works closely with his customers, collecting feedback that gives him a deep understanding of their problems. Then, he partners with internal teams to release new features and enhancements that make customers’ lives easier. He has been invaluable in helping grow the CD business and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, Samarth leads our GitOps initiative, which gained excellent feedback from customers and allowed us to retain our market leadership. Congratulations, Samarth!

Shubham Agrawal - Star Performers

Shubham Agrawal

Staff Software Engineer, India

Shubham demonstrates the qualities of Being Bold, Getting Ship Done, Knowing His Customer, and Continuously Improving by:

–  Signing up for and delivering on a complex project to support VM-based infrastructure for Harness CI with many unknowns and a contractually committed timeline. He worked around the clock to make sure we met our contractual commitment to Intelliflo.

–  Envisioning and delivering support for GitHub Actions on Harness CI. This is a really powerful capability that allows customers to use any of the 10k+ GitHub Actions natively on Harness.

– Responding to hundreds of questions on CI from the Customer Success and Sales teams to support several POVs and onboarding. He consistently rises above to meet customer expectations to show Harness is the best company.  

Shubham goes the extra mile every time to make sure our Engineering teams are productive. For example, he jumped in to resolve Go compilation issues on M1 mac machines. This was critical as all new hires in Engineering are now on M1 mac machines.

Sophie Manum - Star Performers

Sophie Manum

Technical Customer Success Manager, United States

Sophie is an amazing cross-functional partner, teaming up with the D-Crew to kick off and bootstrap our accessibility effort. Her observations, feedback, and inputs led the team to pull together specifications to address color blindness, helping us Continuously Improve our offerings for those that require assistive technologies. Sophie also is a member of the Culture Canaries, as well as a lead member of the women@ ERG, routinely going out of her way to recognize and Remember the Human and celebrate our differences together. Congratulations, Sophie!

Steve Kirkup

Steve Kirkup

Customer Success Engineer, United States

Steve understands so much of our platform and has an impressive pulse on the way in which customers use it. He consistently has the most public comments from all support people worldwide and with a wide margin. Steve has taken over developing an admin tool for the support team and is tenacious about making it the best it can be. He actively mentors new hires and teaches them both about our processes and tech. His productivity is off the charts, and he is committed to making Harness better for his peers – and making sure that our customers can make the most of the Harness products. Congratulations, Steve!

Taylor Shain - Star Performers

Taylor Shain

Senior Solutions Architect, United States

Taylor’s role is to direct customers to use the product in the best possible way. Sometimes, this requires being very open about bad decisions or poor technical design that customers have invested their time in. But with Taylor’s Stay Humble approach, he is incredible at conveying clear direction without damaging the relationship we have. He is incredibly respected and valued by all of the customers he interacts with because of his knowledge and his approach. Congrats, Taylor!

Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Senior Commercial Counsel, United States

Tiffany Gets Ship Done! She has worked on numerous deals and tasks which have generated millions in TCV for Harness. Additionally, she’s reviewed over 150 agreements including sales agreements, NDAs, vendor agreements, and partner agreements, while also providing commercial diligence assistance on our 2 M&A transactions. Her customer-oriented approach helps deals close sooner. She has no problem rolling up her sleeves and jumping into the trenches with her colleagues to help achieve a goal or objective. Congratulations, Tiffany!

Utkarsh Gupta

Utkarsh Gupta

Senior Software Engineer, India

Utkarsh is a key part of the Platform team, and has helped drive critical features like advanced RBAC capabilities. He designed and developed a Template library RBAC for CG, introduced distributed cache for NG microservices, reduced startup memory footprint of Harness Source Available code, and made many enhancements and improvements.

Utkarsh is very helpful, ready to take on more work, available whenever needed, and has gone beyond his role many times. Anyone who has worked with Utkarsh will agree that he is not just a hardworking engineer, but a smartworking one as well. His solutions are thought through, scalable, and simple to implement. Best practices are second nature to him and he encourages the teams to follow the same. Congratulations, Utkarsh! We are lucky to have you as part of.

Vivek (VKB) Bansal - Star Performers

Vivek (VKB) Bansal

Principal Software Engineer, India

Vivek leads the UI team for CD/Harness Gitops and is an important member of the UI Council. His valuable contributions include being the first adapter of micro-frontends, setting up new repo/builds/quality control for the GitOps UI, and also the architecture, code, and reviews for our String framework, to name a few. Vivek Stays Humble, takes on more without complaint, and is always there for his teammates if they need help. Vivek is a true leader that steps up to the plate to inspire and motivate his teammates. Congratulations, Vivek!

Yogesh Chauhan

Yogesh Chauhan

Staff Software Engineer, India

Yogesh demonstrated incredible technical leadership while leading the K8s Squad in Q3 & Q4, delivering close to 30+ new features for our customers around the globe. He also worked on Openstack custom deployer for a key customer in the travel industry, playing a pivotal role on the Engineering side to support our first Openstack use cases, and delivering on time. Yogesh truly does Get Ship Done! He Stays Humble, and is open to receive and return knowledge/wisdom. Congratulations, Yogesh!

Thank You to Our Star Performers

These folks consistently went above and beyond to produce amazing results over the last fiscal year, and made an impact on those around them. There is no doubt in my mind that they will continue to amaze us in the year ahead, but for now, please join me in celebrating their outstanding performance over the last fiscal year together!

For those of you interested in joining our team, we are hiring across all departments and geos! As they say, timing is everything. Interested, but not quite yet? Join our Harness Talent Community on LinkedIn to stay connected and in the know!

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