June 4, 2020

Community Updates - CD Foundation & HarnessU

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"Cause a little bit of summer's what the whole year's all about." John Mayer said it best-- so happy June and happy summer!

As you know, we'd been hard at work on new product updates, content, events, and something special coming out very soon. With all the hustle, it's easy to forget celebrating what matters most-- Community! 

With that, let's share some exciting news. 

Ambassadors Ships Setting Sail

We’re committed to embracing the wider developer and DevOps communities. Here’s what we’re doing with Open Source!

The CD Foundation Welcomes Ambassador, Tiffany Jachja 

Tiffany joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s Ambassador program in May. Check out the welcome blog post on the Continuous Delivery Foundation’s website here.

"2020 has been a crazy year, yet the opportunities remain to connect, learn, and share throughout our communities, and so I’m thrilled to join the Continuous Delivery Foundation. As a newly minted member of the CDF Ambassadors program, I look forward to getting to know everyone."

The Continuous Deliver Foundation is a neutral home for the next generation of continuous delivery collaboration.

The Humans of DevOps and Harness

Also in the month of May, Harness was a proud sponsor of the DevOps Institue’s SKILup Day on Enterprise Kubernetes

With the mission to advance the human elements of DevOps success, the DevOps Institue hosts the SKILup day micro conferences to help advance the career and share emerging practices within the DevOps community. 

Harness is aligned with this mission and so we’re excited to have Tiffany also join the DevOps Institue as an ambassador. Harness is a sponsor for the SKILup day on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) on Thursday, June 18th. 

School’s Out

Congratulations to the class of 2020 graduates! Classes are out of session, but no worries we’re still here to help you with your continuous delivery.

The CD Foundation Interoperability Special Interest Group

The CD Foundation welcomes Ravi Lachhman and Harness into the Interoperability SIG.

“One of the challenges users face is the lack of interoperability across the CI/CD tools and technologies, resulting in various issues while constructing and running pipelines such as passing metadata and artifacts between the tools or achieving traceability from commit to deployment. Often users end up building "own glue code" to address what is a common problem, further complicating moving from one tool to another and adopting new technologies and methodologies… SIG Interoperability will focus on addressing these challenges and further work with projects to achieve a common set of solutions.” 

We look forward to continued collaboration and contributions to the SIG.

Deliver Better: Software delivery for any role

Deliver Better shares learning content and stories to enable enterprise software delivery from new devs to sophisticated engineers and technology leaders. We’re happy to launch the site along with the Deliver Better podcast links below:

Harness University

Your teachers, Ravi Lachhman, Drew Ozetel, and Tiffany Jachja, are back for Harness U, this summer! Setting up a Canary Deployment can be difficult, but don't fret, we'll show you how to do it with ease using Harness. HarnessU Presents Mastering Kubernetes Canary Deployments!

The Sun Shines In Our Community

Don’t forget your sunscreen! SPF 120, because there’s HOT-FIRE work by the Harness team. 

Special thank you to the Harness experts contributing back to the community through shared learnings, news, and tutorials. Based on the Harness Community statistics, we’re up 6.8k in page views the past 30 days, seven new contributors(a streak per month this quarter), and 50 new posts! 

We also recognize our Harness power users! We’re starting our “Harness and the Masters of Continuous Delivery” program to share thought leadership and delivery insights from our most active users of the Harness CD platform. More news soon.

Here’s to a Sizzling Summer

We’re continuing our commitment to supporting our communities. In this post, we shared a few updates on things we’ve prepped, put on the grill, and cooked up at Harness. Summer is just starting so here’s to much more improvement, celebration and success! 

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