September 29, 2021

Harness Product Update | September 2021

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Key takeaway

Did you hear that?! That was the sound of a collective sigh of relief: there was no major product launch in September! But that doesn’t mean we took it easy - no siree. Some features went live for CD, CI, and FF - and we’re hard at work making last month’s ‘looking ahead’ come true. 

Also, if you’re into DevSecOps, you should check out our last Women of DevOps podcast - we talked to our first DevSecOps lady, Stefania Chaplin! Hope you guys have a great month, and make sure to look at our upcoming events, webinars, and Harness U courses for all your Harness-y needs!

New Features


Deployment Freeze Windows

Based on the feedback received from our early adopters, we have enhanced the deployment freeze capability to support:

  • Ad-hoc windows (Users will be able to easily set up freeze windows to stop deployments for the next 2 hours while doing critical demos).
  • Recurring windows (Easily set up freeze windows to avoid deployments from happening when the team is not around - no more weekend  deployments).
  • Override a freeze window when you need to hotfix (Super admins (heroes) will be able to make sure that mission-critical deployments happen even when there is a freeze).
  • API Support (Now you can manage your freeze windows via APIs as well)

Users can now get event notifications about their deployment pipelines to any logging tool of their choice. They can set up events to be sent when the pipeline begins, completes, or pauses during execution to any webhook endpoint. This will help users gain better visibility over their entire DevOps process. The events can also be managed with GraphQL APIs.

API Support for Approvals

Harness users can now easily approve or reject their deployment pipeline with APIs. This will help automate the approval process and reduce the overall lead time. Users don't have to access the UI to manually approve/reject pipelines.


Call Graph Visualization in Test Intelligence

The Call Graph helps you to visually understand which code changes led to the selection of the tests that were picked by the Test Intelligence algorithm. This gives you the assurance that all relevant tests were selected.  

Gradle Support in Test Intelligence

Test Intelligence now supports testing your Java application with all common build tools - Maven, Bazel, and Gradle. 

Auto-Webhook Registration for Common Git Providers 

When configuring a pipeline to be triggered by an event sent from GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, Harness CI will automatically configure the webhook in your git repository. 

Feature Flags

Node.js SDK Supported for Feature Flags

Our latest open-source SDK is here. You can now start using feature flags with Harness in all of your Node.js applications. Here’s the repo. For a full list of SDKs we support, see below.

Harness University

New Modules and Courses: 

We have new courses now available at Harness University.

Cloud Cost Management Learning Path: 

Harness University Live:

  • October 18th and 19th 2021: Harness Fundamentals, 8-11 am PST.
  • October 20th and 21st 2021: Harness Administration, 8-11 am PST.

To register for October and beyond, view our Live Events calendar

Notable Mentions in the Press

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Webinars & New On-Demand Content

Looking Ahead

In the next few weeks/months, here’s what’s coming at ya: 


  • License View - Users will be able to track their license terms and consumption through the License view in the Harness UI. 
  • Add Reports Path to Plugin Step - Users will be able to report test results in JUnit format from any custom plugin. Harness will present the tests’ results in the build execution view under the tests tab. 
  • Docker Layer Caching on Openshift - Users that use openshift K8s cluster as their build infrastructure will be able to leverage, using the Buildah plugin, Docker Layer Caching for the images they build in order to optimize the build time.


  • enableExecuteCommand - Support enableExecuteCommand for ECS deployments will arrive shortly.  
  • Scaling Policy - Scheduled scaling policy of old auto-scaling group is not copied into the new ASG.
  • Canary Into Primary - Support ability to ensure that the artifact/manifest that was deployed in Canary Phase is deployed in Primary Phase.
  • EKS IAM - We’ll be adding support of EKS IAM roles in our updated version of Harness CD.


  • Visual Pipeline Builder - Users of Feature Flags will be able to create visual pipelines of feature rollouts starting in October 2021.
  • GitOps - Users will be able to use GitOps with Feature Flags in early Q4.
  • Proxy Relay - We are planning to release a proxy relay server to help make feature flags more secure. Contact us if you are interested in providing feedback on your requirements!


  • AutoStopping for RDS - Customers will be able to leverage the power of Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping for RDS instances. 
  • AutoStopping for K8s - Customers will soon be able to use Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping on their Kubernetes clusters, and for EKS, AKS, GKE, and ECS.
  • Fixed Schedules with AutoStopping - We will be introducing the ability to set fixed windows of uptime and downtime, with AutoStopping as an advanced option.
  • Budget Enhancements - Customers will soon be able to set budgets for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual periods. Set budget growth rates so that your budget threshold automatically grows with your business.


  • Support for JAVA_OPTS - Based on the feedback received from customers, we are providing the ability for customers to set JAVA_OPTS. This will support several use cases including:
  • Override the truststore used by Delegate.
  • Override the keystore used by Delegate.
  • Specify additional security settings for handling certificates.
  • Support Additional Attributes for Authorization Using LDAP/AD when SAML Is Used for Authentication - Multiple customers have requested the ability to use additional attributes received from SAML assertion during authorization checks using their LDAP/AD systems. This will be enabled soon.
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