November 6, 2020

Understand cloud costs for every deployment with Harness

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Harness unlocks the power of your cloud cost data with its new cost exploration capabilities.

Everyone hates surprise cloud bills except for the cloud providers. Harness built the Cloud Cost Management module to help you take control of your cloud costs and to let your developers see the cost impact of their deployments in real-time.

The first step was getting granular cost data into the Harness platform and automatically associating it with the proper containers, hosts, namespaces, deployments, pods, nodes, services, applications, etc. The next important step was the ability to set cloud budgets and get alerts when cloud costs suddenly spike. Now it’s time for the ability to slice and dice all of this glorious cost data in the way that YOU want to see it.

Harness’ Cost Explorer makes it easy to filter and group cloud cost data in whatever ways make sense to you. Do you want to see costs across a particular K8s namespace grouped by production, test, and development? No problem. Do you want to see how much each node of a given K8s cluster costs over time? We got you covered. Do you want to see how much that new service costs across every deployed environment? You can do that in 3 clicks. Watch the 2 minute demo video below to see the new cost explorer in action.

Understanding Cloud Costs - Granularity, Simplicity, and Flexibility FTW

Harness Cloud Cost Management is different from other cloud cost management solutions that you might be familiar with. The Harness Platform collects cost data hourly without the need for any manual tagging. That’s right, there’s no need to create and apply tags so that you can have understandable cost data. The tagging is done automatically by Harness and it makes cloud cost visibility really easy to achieve. Of course, you can also add custom tags if you need to, but leave the mundane heavy lifting to Harness and only add extra tags when needed.

The new cost exploration capabilities from Harness makes it easy for you to analyze granular cloud cost data in a way that matches your unique environment. It enables your developers to understand and take control of cloud costs right at the moment of deployment. Cost Explorer is available in Harness Cloud Cost Management right now so sign up for your free trial today.

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