July 27, 2020

Harness Product Update | July 2020

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As we round out the month of July in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. If you live in a warm area and your air conditioning costs are increasing don’t worry, Harness can help you save on your cloud spend so you can enjoy that cold A/C. Our first month since the Cloud Cost Management launch we have been busy working on features to delight our customers and Harness Community alike. 

Export Cloud Cost Management Data 

With all of the goodness contained in Cloud Cost Management, you now have the ability to export the cost and usage data via Harness’s GraphQL API. If this is your first time leveraging our GraphQL API, we have a great primer to get you up and running. The queries do require a time/date constraint so can calculate your constraints leveraging the mighty Epoch Converter

Export Deployment Data

Moved from Feature Flag this month, you now have the ability to export deployment log files either from the Harness UI or the Harness GraphQL API. If you have organizational or regulatory requirements for long term archiving, the exporter is an easy way to capture and save information about your deployments.

Additional Updates

{Unscripted} Conference

We are excited to announce our first industry conference, {Unscripted} which will be taking place on October 21st-22nd. Be sure to sign up and get ready for a great two days of learning together.  If you have a great story to tell, our Call for Papers [CFP] is open until August 17th. Hope to see you there!

Notable Mentions

We’ve been getting some press in July! Here are the highlights.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Catch Harness discussing topics and trends virtually. Find all of our events on our upcoming event page

Get a Cool T-shirt Because You are Cool

If you are looking to add a cool t-shirt to your ensemble, look no further than the Harness T-shirt Hall of Fame. Sign up for a Harness Demo and a shirt is yours. You will be all the envy of your co-workers over your favorite video conferencing program. 

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