DevOps Pipeline Governance

To go fast safely, you need sharp steering and good brakes. Harness empowers developers while satisfying governance, security, and compliance teams. 

Policy as Code

Harness Policy as Code is a centralized policy management and rules service that leverages the Open Policy Agent (OPA) to meet compliance requirements across software delivery and enforce governance policies. Policies are written as declarative code, so they are easy to understand and modify, enabling teams to have autonomy over their processes with oversight and guardrails in place to prevent them from straying from standards.

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Role-Based Access Control

Harness provides fine-grained RBAC (role-based access control) to enforce separation of duties and control what user groups are granted access to specific resources based on assigned roles. This allows businesses to protect their data and key business processes through company-set rules and roles.

Built-in roles are available by default to quickly create the desired permissions at the account, organization, and project level within Harness, as well as the ability to create custom roles for additional flexibility based on business needs that fall outside of the scope provided by default roles.

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Audit Trail

Harness Audit Trails provide the visibility needed to meet organizational governance needs and prepare for external audits. With Harness Audit Trails, you can view and track changes to your Harness resources within your Harness account with data stored from up to two years prior. Without this data, developers are forced to manually compile information for audits.

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Log Sanitization

Harness scrubs deployment logs and any script outputs to mask text secret values. For text and file secrets, the secrets are stored in the Secrets Manager you select. When a text secret is displayed in a deployment log, Harness substitutes the text secret value with asterisks (*) so that the secret value is never displayed.

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