Harness GitOps™

What is GitOps?

GitOps is simply using Git to perform Operations Team (Ops) tasks, such as building infrastructure, release automation, and orchestration.

How Harness does GitOps better?

Enterprise GitOps: More than Just ArgoCD.

Pull Request Pipelines

Pull request pipelines add a layer of automation on top of standard GitOps deployments, making it easy to propagate changes across multiple services and environments without manually triggering each promotion.

Intelligent Rollback

Harness includes continuous verification that leverages your observability and logging tools to monitor deployment health. Harness can create a rollback pull request to limit the impact of the problem when an anomaly is detected.

Fully Managed GitOps

Harness GitOps reduces the overhead of managing GitOps implementations. Instead of installing and managing GitOps infrastructure, Harness GitOps manages everything for you.

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Bring your own Flux or Argo CD Instances

Harness makes it easy to import your existing GitOps applications and configurations into Harness GitOps - no need to recreate Argo CD or Flux based deployments from scratch, thus saving time.

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Centralized Dashboards

Harness provides a centralized control plane across multiple GitOps clusters to view and manage GitOps deployments in a single pane of glass. Your teams can access granular service and environment health information, and even trigger rollbacks. You can also create custom Looker-based dashboards to meet your needs.

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Drift Detection

GitOps-as-a-Service syncs changes made in Git with clusters running in environments. This ensures that your deployments match the desired state based on recent code changes and the application configuration is the same as what is stored in Git.

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Application Sync

Harness GitOps syncs changes made in Git with clusters running in environments. This ensures that your clusters are always in the desired state.

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Comprehensive APIs

Harness provides well-documented REST APIs for automation across our entire platform, including onboarding new teams and projects at scale. Our APIs enable you to automate and manage your end-to-end workflow, and integrate Harness into your existing tooling.

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