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Unparalleled deployment versatility with Harness Continuous Delivery! 
Whether you're deploying to cloud native, on-premises, serverless, hybrid infrastructures, or even edge environments, Harness Continuous Delivery has you covered.

Out of the Box Deployment Strategies

Harness offers versatility in progressive deployment strategies mitigating risk.

Leverage the Canary Strategy to put a small amount of traffic on the new version, rolling out widely later. Or use Blue Green to quickly swap versions with near instantaneous rollback.

Deployment strategies are target-aware - Harness understands that managing traffic for a Canary Strategy is different for an Azure Web App than in Kubernetes.

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Custom Deployment Types

Harness gives you the ability to define custom deployment types for any type of use case or application. If your application needs further customization, Harness can still support the orchestration and deployment of your application. Harness helps with monitoring and visibility of custom applications. Users can also bring in their own plugins to extend Harness deployment functionality to cater to your needs. It’s as simple as bringing your own container and running it as a step in the pipeline!

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Streamline Configuration with Reuse

Discover the transformative power of our template library, designed to infuse uniformity and precision into every pipeline. Our curated collection showcases templates meticulously crafted to cater to a myriad of deployment scenarios and environments. With our intuitive interface, developers can seamlessly author, select, refine, and roll out pipelines based on these templates. The outcome is consistent deployment pipelines that champion best practices and dramatically reduce errors.

Our templates are backed by robust version control, empowering you to experiment and iterate with utmost confidence, all while ensuring pipelines which consume a template remain unaffected. 

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Provision Infrastructure on demand

Deploy to ephemeral environments, or use your CD pipelines to provision long-lived environments. With tight integrations to infrastruction-as-code (IaC) technologies, including AWS Cloud Formation, Harness Infrastructure as Code Management, Terraform, Terragrunt, Terraform Cloud, Azure Blueprints and more; Harness CD connects application and infrastructure change like never before. 

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