Build Powerful Pipelines

Pipeline studio provides a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface for designing and configuring pipelines. It allows users to drag and drop components, stages, and pipeline canvas.

Easy to author pipelines

Along with the graphical interface, Pipeline studio offers a YAML editor for developers who prefer authoring pipelines as code.

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Failure Strategies

Stay in control, even when things go wrong. Harness treats the failure of deployment steps as an expected event, making it easy to declare what should happen.

Should it contact an approver if a quality policy is violated, retry a flaky step, or automatically rollback if telemetry from production looks bad? You decide, and Harness will automate the right action.

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Looping and Matrixes

Looping and matrices: Run an action, or a group of actions called a “stage”, repeatedly. Setup matrix actions to process combinations like testing each of three browsers on two different operating systems. 

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Manual Gates

Add manual approval gates to require human intervention, which can be crucial for compliance and risk management. 

Harness has built-in approval steps, and can also integrate with ticketing systems like Jira or ServiceNow.

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Conditional Logic

Conditional logic: Set up conditional behavior based on environment variables, deployment success/failure, or other criteria. 

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Insightful Pipeline Execution Panel

The execution panel offers access to logs, outputs, and diagnostic information for each pipeline execution, providing invaluable metrics for troubleshooting and investigation of failures. Users can also view the progress of individual pipeline stages and actions in real-time. Historical execution data is retained allowing post-deployment analysis and auditing based on past pipeline executions, their outcomes, and any associated details. 

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