Chaos Engineering

Achieving Continuous Resilience with Harness Chaos Engineering

Introducing the continuous resilience approach. Understand the modern approach to practicing chaos engineering where the efforts to build resilience are inserted into all stages of your software development life cycle through automated chaos experiments. Harness Chaos Engineering or Harness CE comes with all the building blocks required for achieving Continuous Resilience in DevOps.

Highlights from LitmusChaos at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

Here's what we saw from LitmusChaos at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF’s) flagship conference in Europe.

Disaster Recovery 101

In this blog, we’ll discuss disaster recovery plans and best practices for creating and executing one.

What We Learned at Chaos Carnival 2023

We're thrilled to report that our third annual chaos engineering conference, Chaos Carnival 2023, was a success. Read the recap!

How Chaos Engineering Strengthens Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Avoid becoming the next cautionary tale of major service outages making the news.

5 Reasons to Attend Chaos Carnival 2023

Harness is excited to host the third annual Chaos Carnival, a FREE two-day virtual conference on March 15-16, 2023. So, have you registered yet? Here are five reasons why you should register today!

Five Key Technologies Shaping the Future of Software Delivery

If you’re ready to take your software delivery to the next level, consider looking into these five key concepts that are quickly becoming essential to modern software delivery. 

Harness Expands Chaos Engineering Resiliency Features with Integrated Continuous Delivery

Harness Chaos Engineering expands its chaos fault library and delivers native integration into Harness Continuous Delivery pipelines to build and validate resilience.

Harness Chaos Engineering (CE) Key Capabilities

Let's take a deep dive into Harness Chaos Engineering’s key capabilities, including unified experimentation across SaaS and self-hosted deployments, Continuous Resilience(TM) in CI/CD pipelines, steady statement management, and more.‍

Announcing the Return of Chaos Carnival

Harness is excited to announce the third annual Chaos Carnival, a two-day virtual conference on March 15-16, 2023.

What is Chaos Engineering? Intro, Definition & More

Learn more about the chaos engineering discipline and how it can take your development cycle to the next level.

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