May 27, 2021

Harness + Terragrunt

Table of Contents

Key takeaway

Harness now provides native Terragrunt support!

Terragrunt is a wrapper tool around Terraform. It allows users to practice the principle of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) in their Terraform code. Using Terragrunt, users define their Terraform code once and do not have to repeat themselves for multiple environments. Terraform code is often identical throughout various environments with potential differences in the input, output, and state files. Managing the state files, modules, input variables, and output variables is maintenance for Terraform users. Developers gravitate towards Terragrunt because of how easy it is to maintain components while also helping them define code a single time.

Harness lets users configure Terragrunt in the product. This experience is similar to configuring Terraform or CloudFormation in Harness.

Before the creation of this feature, Harness users had to leverage the shell script provisioner to perform Terragrunt infrastructure provisioning. But now, Harness users have access to a first class integration.

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