May 27, 2021

Harness Product Update | May 2021

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Key takeaway

May brought quite a bit to fruition for us Harnessians. We released our Terragrunt integration and Remote Manifest From a Non-Git Source. We also released an ebook on Modernizing CI. Aaaand the big one: we worked tirelessly (seriously can’t say enough good things about everyone involved) on getting ship done for our {unscripted} conference, with a keynote speech from Dave Farley, the Godfather of CD. If you haven’t registered yet, you should probably do that now. Go on. We’ll wait. 

Talkin’ Ship on the ShipTalk Podcast

Episode 12: What is O11Y? Observability Demystified with Chris Riley from Splunk. Chris’ background spans years of professional services and being an advocate. Chris is part of the Observability Panel at {unscripted} 2021 and gives us a background on O11Y, aka Observability.

Want to be a guest speaker on ShipTalk? We’d love to hear from you. Complete your speaker submission and we’ll get in touch to see if you’re a good fit for a future podcast!

New Features

Harness CD - Terragrunt Support

Terragrunt is a wrapper tool around Terraform. It allows users to practice the principle of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) in their Terraform code. Using Terragrunt, users define their Terraform code once and do not have to repeat themselves for multiple environments. Terraform code is often identical throughout various environments with potential differences in the input, output, and state files. Managing the state files, modules, input variables, and output variables is maintenance for Terraform users. Developers gravitate towards Terragrunt because of how easy it is to maintain components while also helping them define code a single time.

Harness lets users configure Terragrunt in the product. This experience is similar to configuring Terraform or CloudFormation in Harness.

Learn more about our new Terragrunt integration here

Harness CD - Custom Dashboard Enhancements

Harness had enhanced the deployment and service widgets contained within custom dashboards. Users can now filter and group deployment by environment type to compare non-production deployments to production deployments. Users can also use service widgets to show what type of services are being deployed and see what deployment strategies are being used by deployment pipelines. For more information check out our docs

Notable Mentions in the Press

Upcoming Virtual Events

Upcoming Webinars

Looking Ahead

Other than that giant announcement we promised you for {unscripted} conference in June, there’s still some good stuff coming for you soon. In the next few weeks/months, here’s what’s coming at ya: 

  • Supporting Secrets with Webhook triggers - Harness will be able to authenticate incoming GitHub webhooks using secrets to ensure the webhooks are coming from a trusted source.
  • Granular Access Control - Harness will add a new permission to rollback workflows. This allows users to roll back when a deployment fails even if they don't have the permission to execute the workflows.
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