August 9, 2023

Introducing the Harness Idea Portal: Share Your Insights, Shape Our Future

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Key takeaway

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re changing how we engage with our customers to collect feedback and prioritize our roadmap.

Our journey so far

Up until now, we’ve utilized multiple channels such as calls, Slack messages, and Zendesk, to interact with customers, have them submit feature requests and report issues. 

However, this approach had challenges, including:

  • Challenging to communicate updates and ETA for specific feature requests
  • Difficult to collaborate with multiple customers asking for the same feature
  • Product managers had to collaborate in silos with numerous customers
  • Customers couldn’t collaborate with other users on similar topics

As our company grows and the number of customers using the platform increases, we have decided to adopt a more collaborative and streamlined approach

The Harness Idea Portal

After doing some research and input from customers, we’ve decided to standardize on the platform to power the Harness Idea Portal. This dedicated customer feedback portal is designed to address the challenges we faced and foster improved communication with our customers. Adopting the platform will help us work closely with our customers and improve their satisfaction by communicating more frequently on product updates.

How to Share Your Ideas

Submitting your ideas is super easy, simply  follow these steps:

1. Navigate to (directly or from the product) 

2. Select the module you'd like to propose an idea to:

3. Search to see if your idea has already been proposed. If so, you can "vote up" for it, increasing its chances of being considered. You will be notified of the status and progress of your idea.

4. If your desired feature hasn’t been suggested yet, complete the form (provide a title and a short description). Once submitted, you will be notified of the status and progress of your idea.

And that’s it! 

What’s Next? The product management team will triage these submitted ideas, ask questions if needed, allow all users interested in participating in the conversation, and provide updates on the progress and ETA. Users will automatically be notified on each change of tickets that they are subscribed to (either voted on or created the feature request).

In Conclusion

We are confident that using this platform will help us to work even more closely with our customers and keep us all up to date with the progress on features customers are interested in. We’re encouraging all customers to be active in this forum so we can make Harness (even) better!

Have a fantastic idea? Please go to our Idea Portal and submit it :-) 

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