January 15, 2024

January 2024 Product Updates

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January 2024 Product Updates

At Harness, we have been hard at work so you can delight your customers without facing software delivery toil. Here is what has been changing in the previous month across Harness Products.

Continuous Delivery & GitOps

  1. Configure bidirectional sync for Git Experience at all scopes: Earlier, you could configure bidirectional sync for Harness Git Experience by configuring webhooks only at the account scope. Now, you can also configure such webhooks at the organization and project scopes.
  2. Send freeze window notifications when a freeze window is enabled: You can now use the Freeze window is enabled setting (OnEnableFreezeWindow in YAML) to send notifications when a freeze window is enabled. This setting is in contrast to the existing Freeze window is enabled and active setting (FreezeWindowEnabled in YAML), which sends notifications at the start time of a freeze window that is enabled.

Full Continuous Delivery & GitOps Release Notes

Continuous Integration

  1. New Ruby Support for Test Intelligence: Test Intelligence for Ruby is now generally available.

Full Continuous Integration Release Notes

Chaos Engineering

  1. New Chaos Probe Limit: This release adds default limits for the number of chaos probes that can be created when a chaos infrastructure is created by adding a chaos
  2. UI Update to experiments: While selecting a chaos infrastructure to create an experiment, users can list the active infrastructures by clicking the checkbox Show active only.
  3. Additional Experiment Support for Inactive Infrastructures: An experiment can be created against inactive chaos infrastructure(s). This was done to complement the preparatory actions in environments that require agents to be scaled down (K8s) or stopped (Linux) except during the chaos execution window.
  4. UI Support added for Search Conditions: Added UI support to search conditions for selection while creating a ChaosGuard rule.
  5. Additional Support for VMWare Faults: Added support to incorporate secretRef and configMapRef with the tunables for VMWare faults.

Full Chaos Engineering Release Notes

Security Testing Orchestration

  1. Additional Support for Checkmarx: Added a new setting for Checkmarx scans, which is useful when you want STO to exclude issues detected by Checkmarx but flagged as Not Exploitable
  2. Update to Exemption times: Expiration time for exemptions now starts when the exemption is approved.
  3. Update to SARIF Ingestion: This release introduces a change in behavior when ingesting SARIF data. Previously, issues with a level of Error in SARIF got assigned a severity of Critical in STO. These issues now get assigned a severity of High.

Full Security Testing Orchestration Notes

Internal Developer Portal (IDP)

  1. New Support for HTTP Actions: Added support for http actions in the scaffolder-backend.
  2. New Support for OPA/Governance Policies: Added OPA/Governance policies for Backstage entities.
  3. New Home Page: Added Support for New intuitive Home page for IDP

Full Internal Developer Portal Notes

Software Engineering Insights

  1. New Support for SCM PRs Reports:
    Added support for viewing detailed information about modified files within the drill down of the SCM PRs Report.
  2. Additional support for Public Dashboard role: Added support for users with the Public Dashboard role to view widget filters in the dashboard.

Full Software Engineering Insights Release Notes

Continuous Error Tracking

  1. New Additional Mac Support: Added support for Mac. Support includes Intel and Apple M1/M2 chips.

Full Continuous Error Tracking Release Notes

Infrastructure-as-Code-Management (IaCM)

  1. New Feature - Cost Estimation: (Powered by infracost) Harness IaCM supports getting cost estimates as part of the infrastructure automation. This can help you understand if your cloud spending will change as part of updating or provisioning resources.
  2. New Feature PR Automation: Harness IaCM supports reviewing infrastructure changes via pull request automation. This functionality allows the users to see the changes, such as the plan details and cost estimation, as comments in the PR so they can review what the resource changes before applying the plan.
  3. Additional Support for RBAC: Users can control who has different types of access to the Workspace in a project. This functionality had an extra layer of governance to handle workspace changes.

Early Access

Continuous Delivery & GitOps

  1. AIDUpdate the green services in an ECS Blue Green deployment: If green services exist in your Blue Green deployment, you can configure Harness to update those services instead of deleting them and then re-creating them with a new manifest and artifact. Updating existing green services is beneficial because new containers come up before old ones go down.This feature is behind the feature flag CDS_ECS_BG_VALIDATION

Internal Developer Portal (IDP)

  1. Delegate Selectors for Codebase Tasks: With this feature flag enabled, Harness uses your delegate selectors for delegate-related codebase tasks. Delegate selection fNew Stage release: Added a new stage, specifically for IDP, knows as Developer Portal to help with the self service flows (presently this feature is behind a Feature Flag IDP_ENABLE_STAGE)

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