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Discover SDLC bottlenecks, assess team productivity, and improve developer experience guided by data and insights.

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Building Your Engineering Metrics Program

This ebook will help you understand which metrics will drive continuous improvement and help you gain visibility into process and tooling bottlenecks.

Assess and boost developer productivity

Proven metrics to track and improve developer productivity

Leverage the Harness Trellis Framework to quickly understand facets of productivity for developers and teams. Trellis' algorithm analyzes over 20 factors gathered from a range of SDLC tools to generate a comprehensive report pinpointing areas where developer productivity can be enhanced.

Discover and fix bottlenecks in your SDLC

Leverage DORA and other frameworks to get actionable insights

Get actionable insights into contributing factors to identify bottlenecks. Analyze across various pivot points to be able to pinpoint bottlenecks quickly. Understand systemic and tactical problems across the entire delivery lifecycle. Realize value quickly using the  widget library included in Software Engineering Insights.

Improve planning and predictability

Streamline execution and improve process adherence

Scorecards and dashboards highlight factors that impact sprint predictability, including anomalies and unplanned work — such as missing story points or anti-patterns (such as large stories) — that help you assess if new features and changes will be delivered to customers on time. SEI also improves product management and engineering collaboration, enabling best practices for product management hygiene and reducing scope creep.

Articulate engineering investments

Ensure resource allocation supports business demands

Validate that engineering resources are allocated according to business needs. Get a comprehensive breakdown of how time and resources have been invested across different categories (features, bugs, technical debt, etc.), evaluate how that aligns to business plans, and identify wasteful or unplanned engineering work.


Drive a continuous improvement program

Drive improvements and excellence
in a structured way

Driving change and transforming an organization is hard. Data, Insights and KPIs are just one part of the story, but how do engineering leaders change the culture of the team to be more data oriented. Software Engineering Insights can help formulate an improvement plan using Goals and Working Agreements.

Get insights
from 40+ tools

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We’ve seen incredible improvement in engineering productivity. The technology automates our KPIs and removes bottlenecks, reducing our developers’ task burden by 30% in certain areas, enabling them to focus on more rewarding work.

Joe Chen
VP of Engineering
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