February 25, 2021

Harness Product Update | February 2021

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Key takeaway

Let’s be honest with ourselves: I think we’re all a little glad February is almost over with - especially after all the storms it brought. We happily come into March with renewed energy, big goals, and exciting events. We’re particularly looking forward to our SkilUp Day events, and our upcoming releases for March (scroll on down to the Looking Ahead section for some cool stuff). Additionally, we’re super excited about our ongoing CI Enterprise Beta - for those unaware, it started in January and so far the feedback is a-maaaa-zing! We can’t wait to show you. Overall, February was a good month - we got a great feature out, and maybe more importantly, published 3 new episodes of our podcast. Read on below to see what we’ve been up to.

Talkin’ Ship on the ShipTalk Podcast

One thing we’d like to put the focus on this month is our podcast, ShipTalk. We just posted Episode 8 a few days ago! So if you hadn’t yet heard that Harness has a podcast, feel free to browse our episodes and listen to one… or all eight!

Episode 1: Scaling Your Career and DevOps Organization – Nidhi Allipuram, AVP DevOps at Nationwide. Nidhi goes over the DevOps transformation at Nationwide. 

Episode 2: Always Stay Curious – DevOps Leadership – Frank Moley, Platform Engineer at DataStax. Frank talks about how to instill the right culture at a company and why passion and curiosity are paramount in tech. 

Episode 3: DevOps and Education – David Sudia, Senior DevOps Engineer at GoSpotCheck. David brings up important points when it comes to learning about DevOps and how to move the needle forward. 

Episode 4: Scaling to Scale – Bob Chen. Director of DevOps at ADP. Bob talks about the art and tact required to scale your team, technology, and to further the craft.

Episode 5: Finding Your Tribe – Tracy Ragan, CEO at Deploy Hub. Tracy talks about her career and community journey and why it is important to find your tribe.

Episode 6: DevOps from the Ops Side – Chris Jowett, DevOps Architect at ABC Fitness. Chris talks about modern approaches to DevOps, such as not ever patching a system.

Episode 7: The Brass Tacks of Open Source – Tracy Miranda, Executive Director at CDF. Tracy chats through her experience creating thriving open source communities and practices from inception to maturity. 

Episode 8: Washing Away Imposter Syndrome – Bart Farrell, Organizer at Data on Kubernetes Community. Bart talks about how he has made two leaps: one into tech, and one into a more bleeding edge/crypto part of technology, running stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

New Features

CD - Google Secrets Manager Support

Harness integrates with Google Secrets Manager to store secrets you create in Harness. Harness can also reference existing secrets from the Google Secrets Manager. These secrets can be leveraged for Deployments!

Notable Mentions in the Press

Harness has been in the press in the month of February. Here’s the scoop.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Looking Ahead

The mighty groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, and we settled back into hibernation (well, if hibernation meant that we were madly crafting new software for our users), cozily awaiting spring, when some of our biggest updates will come. But, worry not: there are still some great things coming soon. 

  • So much Azure: More Azure support coming to a CD/CE near you in March! We’re constantly adding support for more cloud services and we’re looking at you, Azure!
  • CE What If Analysis: We’ll talk about this more in depth in a blog post, but this should be available in the not too distant future. 
  • Harness Community Edition 2 (Drone): Imminent! 
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