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October 4, 2022
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Learn More About the Harness Resource Center


Are you having issues using Harness and don’t know where to turn? We now have an extensive resource center under the help panel in Harness that can address many user issues.  You can find this help panel at the bottom left corner of Harness dashboard. 

The resource center is specifically designed to help users as well as our own developers so they can understand user perspective of Harness use cases.  Let’s see how the RESOURCE CENTER can help you.

Looking for new features we just rolled out at Harness? 

Product updates can be found in  “What’s New,” for new features and “Early Access,” for the premium features we are building.

Didn’t get a feature you were looking for? Encountered issues while using Harness?

You can suggest a feature you would like to have for your use case under “Submit a ticket” and then track this ticket using “View my ticket.” Our team is happy for users to “Give us feedback” for improving and optimizing the product.

Want to know more about Harness? Looking for product related information? 

Click on “Docs” for a link to our extensive documentation. You can also find  additional resources under “API Docs” and “Release Notes.

Want to see how others are using Harness or get involved with others in the community?

 We understand the importance and need for open source, which is why we maintain a “Community” to cater the needs of our users spanned across various product lines. We have recently added “Community Slack,which is closely monitored by our team to help with user queries.

Want to learn more about software delivery practices and how we make CI/CD hassle free?

Last but not least, we want our users to get a holistic view of the product, so we offer learning tracks for our various products under “Harness University.

Discovered a bug? 

Don’t hesitate to Submit a Ticket on the page you discovered the bug, using the feedback category of Problem. We have a dedicated, user-centric team working 24x7 to keep the platform bug-free. 

Need further help? 

Feel free to ask questions at or  join community slack to chat with our engineers in product-specific channels like:

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