Get Control of FinOps with Automated Cloud Cost Management

Cost Reporting

Cost Perspectives

Visualize complex multi-cloud and Kubernetes cluster cost information for cost showback and chargeback, organized in the business context (teams, workloads, applications, etc.) that your teams need.

Cost Categories

Capture all costs for a team/application/workload into well defined cost buckets to give your teams accurate and detailed cloud costs, grouped in ways most meaningful to you.

Anomaly Detection

Our intelligent cloud cost anomaly detection automatically detects and alerts your affected teams of abnormal cost spikes as they happen, stopping bill shock in its tracks.

Custom BI Dashboards

Dig deeper into your cloud costs, monitor KPIs, and understand your cloud usage landscape with our powerful and flexible business intelligence and analytics platform.

Cost Optimization

Cloud AutoStoppingTM

Save up to 70% on non-production cloud costs when you automatically detect, shutdown and auto-start idle cloud resources, all with a simple one-time setup that doesn't need maintaining.


Optimize your cloud resources with relevant and actionable recommendations across AWS/Azure/GCP for a host of resources like K8s clusters, VMs, ECS, EBS and RDS.

Commitment Orchestrator

Never miss an RI/SP contract renewal again. Automate long-term commitment management for cost savings and optimized compute coverage that always meets coverage targets.

Cost Governance

Cloud Asset Governance

Real-time governance policy enforcement and auto-remediation with Governance-as-Code. AI-powered YAML policy generation using Harness AIDA for effective cost, security, and compliance management across cloud assets.

Hierarchical Budgets

Set and track daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets, with real-time forecasting, alerts, and cascading budgets across your organization's hierarchy.

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