August 28, 2020

3 Plugins for your CI Pipeline

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Harness, the platform for CI/CD, provides enterprise-ready features for your software delivery lifecycle. We’re excited to welcome Drone, a Continuous Integration (CI) platform into the Harness family, to expand Harness CI capabilities. In previous posts, we’ve shared how to get started with Drone. However, creating a robust CI pipeline on top of a CI platform can be challenging in a greenfield or brownfield environment. In this post, we’ll share 3 Drone plugins you should consider integrating into your continuous integration pipeline. 

#1: Sonarqube:

CI pipelines serve as a pillar to quality engineering and assurance, so CI processes should automate and incorporate tests as a cornerstone. 

Sonarqube is a popular open-source code quality management platform. It provides code analysis and insights into security vulnerabilities and bugs, as shown in screen capture of a SonarQube dashboard below.

To get started, you will need to set up the SonarQube platform and scanner. Then modify your pipeline yaml configuration to utilize the Drone Sonarqube Plugin, as shown below.

#2: Clair 

Securing containers is a top priority for DevOps engineers and security teams. Scanning containers images is one practice for decreasing instances of malware and security vulnerabilities. There are a variety of open-source and vendor solutions available, such as Clair, Dagda, and Twistlock. 

Clair is an open-source project for securing container images through vulnerability and security scans. Incorporating a container scan within your CI pipeline is easy, edit your pipeline configuration with the following example using Drone’s Clair plugin ( 

#3: Slack

A best practice for CI involves quickly resolving broken builds. Enable this practice and communication through the Slack plugin. Click here to obtain a webhook URL into your Slack workspace and channel. Then modify your pipeline configuration with the following yaml example below:

Here we are using the slack plugin as the profile image for the posts and posting to the dev slack channel.

Get automated Drone notifications on Slack.

Try Drone for Free

This blog post shares how to build robust and capable CI pipelines in a matter of minutes with Harness CI / Drone. Drone is an open-source CI solution that you can use for free. If you’re interested in contributing to the open-source Drone community by building your own Drone Plugin, get started here:

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