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April 2, 2020
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Introducing Continuous Delivery Insights 2020


At Harness, we are pretty fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to many people along their Continuous Delivery journey. Building your own Continuous Delivery solution/platform can be challenging for many organizations. Part of what we do at Harness when engaging with a customer or prospect is help run a Continuous Delivery Capability Assessment (CDCA) to catalog and measure maturity. 

Over the past year, we have analyzed and aggregated the capability assessments that we have performed and compiled into Continuous Delivery Insights 2020. The significance of Continuous Delivery Insights 2020 is that we uncovered common CI/CD challenges organizations faced in the past 12 months. In this report, we identified the time, effort, cost, and velocity associated with their current Continuous Delivery process.

In Continuous Delivery Insights 2020, we share key findings around:

  • Change Failure Rate
  • Lead Time
  • MTTR
  • Production Deployment Costs
  • Production Deployment Effort

We also dive into pillars of Continuous Delivery learning and advising the many organizations we have spoken to around approaches such as release strategy. 

Canary Deployments, Still Pretty Hard 

On paper, a canary deployment for a release strategy is easy to comprehend. Deploying a subset of nodes at a time as a canary then incrementally promoting the canaries. When digging into all the moving parts that a canary deployment requires, complexity starts to increase quickly. Showcasing the complexity, over the past year only about four percent of organizations interviewed leveraged some sort of canary deployment strategy.

The Harness Platform is purpose-built to solve those complexities such as promotion, validation, and even rolling back a canary with convention. Learn about release strategy and many more insights from Harness with Continuous Delivery Insights 2020.

Grab your Copy

Grab your free copy of Continuous Delivery Insights 2020 today from Harness. As technologists, we strive to leave our impact on organizations we work at. A lot of the insight provided is that we all regardless of industry face challenges around our deployments, especially confidence building. At Harness, we are here to partner with you no matter what stage you are in your Continuous Delivery journey.


Dan, Aoife, Steve, and Ravi

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