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November 27, 2023

Start or Expand Your DevSecOps Education Journey - Introducing STO Developer Certification

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Key takeaway

As systems grow more distributed, complex, and critical to our daily lives the fog of development starts to set in; no one person has complete end to end visibility into the entire workings of a system. To combat the fog of development, dissemination of expertise across your pipelines is crucial. Security in an application and infrastructure context is a good model of this with the DevSecOps movement. 

Software development teams are becoming more tasked with shifting left requirements to produce hygienic software. In the real world, software ages like milk and not like wine, so what was hygienic today might not be hygienic tomorrow. Your CI/CD pipelines are conduits of change and are excellent spots to disseminate expertise and ensure compliance and standards to security posture. 

Harness’s Security Testing Orchestration or STO module is purpose built for your pipelines by orchestrating and prioritizing results from a multitude of scanning tools. Most organizations will have more than one scanning tool because tools can be granular or vertical in focus around a few pillars such as intent, language, and distribution. Because of the complexity of modern systems, everyone involved with the development of these systems should take a stake in helping secure these systems. 

Security, Everyone’s Responsibility

At Harness, we view security as an important skill to have, we are offering our STO Developer Certification for free so everyone can up-level their DevSecOps skills. Taking a look at our study guide, will provide a great foundation around application vulnerability management. 

STO Dev Cert Study Guide
STO Dev Cert Study Guide

Because so many components are in modern software today, keeping up with the bill of materials / how components age can be tricky. Harness STO can help you identify and prioritize issues that do need to be addressed. Having Harness STO as part of your pipeline is a prudent capability and being certified in Harness STO is a great skill to have.

Study and Sign Up Today

Getting certified at the developer level on Harness Security Testing Orchestration is a great milestone in your DevSecOps journey. Register for the exam from the Harness Developer Hub once you feel comfortable taking the exam. 

-Harness Product Education Engineering Team

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