March 3, 2023

Introducing The Code Rush, a New Show Focused on All Things DevOps and Cloud-Native

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Harness is excited to announce The Code Rush, a new show that will help developers, programmers, and software architects learn how to improve their build, integration, test and deployment skills. Every two months, we’ll host a new episode featuring a Q&A with an industry leader and will focus on the current trends in DevOps and cloud-native technologies, such as AI/ML in DevOps, CI/CD in DevOps and much more, along with hands-on tutorials. 

The Code Rush is hosted by Harness Developer Advocate Pavan Belagatti and Community Engineering Senior Software Engineer, Ompragash Viswanathan. Our first guest will be Ravi Yadalam, Product Director of the Harness Cloud Cost Management Module, and we’ll be talking to him about how companies can reduce their cloud costs. 

The cloud has become essential for business operation, enabling businesses to move quickly and innovate faster. But rising cloud adoption brings an inevitable rise in cloud spend. This creates a crucial problem for finance teams: estimating and budgeting cloud spend for various operations. In our first podcast, we’ll be diving into best practices for managing and reducing cloud spend.

You can find The Code Rush on the Harness YouTube channelOur first episode launched March 14 and it's now available to watch on demand.

Your Hosts 

Pavan Belagatti is an award-winning technology writer. He is on a mission to bridge the gap between tech and marketing and create the biggest tech community around the globe. He loves tech storytelling and loves everything about DevOps.

Ompragash Viswanathan has a flair for automation. At home, you can find him busy tinkering with Ansible or writing pipelines automating complex routines. 

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