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January 10, 2023
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Announcing the Return of Chaos Carnival


Harness is excited to announce the third annual Chaos Carnival, a two-day virtual conference on March 15-16, 2023. The conference features exciting topics, industry experts, and technology developments that provide attendees with valuable insights to start or mature their chaos engineering practices.

About Chaos Carnival

The theme for this year’s Chaos Carnival is “Build Resilience Through Chaos.” This reflects the exponential growth in chaos engineering adoption, and how a new generation of resilient systems has enabled developers to focus on innovation rather than the distractions of system failures. With chaos engineering, it’s now possible to test and proactively improve without compromising reliability or resilience.

The fast adoption, curiosity, and demand for cloud-native applications have created the need for a conference of this scale. Our mission is to bring together the vibrant chaos engineering community –  including CTOs, infrastructure engineers, SREs, DevOps engineers, developers, vendors, end-users, industry experts, and analysts – to share their chaos engineering experiences. 

Chaos Carnival 2023 Event Details

This year’s Chaos Carnival has been expanded to include four keynotes from industry thought leaders with 30 interactive talks, breakout sessions, technical workshops, and panel discussions.  

Chaos Carnival is more than just a conference – it’s an experience bringing passionate subject matter experts together  to share ideas about chaos engineering and Kubernetes. Chaos Carnival kicks off on Day 1 with keynotes delivered by Adrian Hornsby, Principal System Dev Engineer, AWS, and Uma Mukkara, Head of Chaos Engineering, Harness.

Day 2 starts with keynotes from two returning speakers: Adrian Cockroft, Tech Advisor, NU Bank, and Ana Medina, Staff Developer Advocate, Lightstep.

In addition, the conference is accepting speaker submissions. If you would like to share your expertise or perspective on chaos engineering in a breakout session, now’s your chance. Speaker applications are open until February 1!

The conference is free to attend, and registration is open. Vendors are welcome to join as a sponsor

Recap: Chaos Carnival 2022

If you’re wondering what to expect, Chaos Carnival 2022 saw a massive community response with over 2,500 registrations worldwide. The conference brought valuable insights and dynamic attendee interactions. Mikolaj Pawlikowski, SRE at Citadel, and Uma Mukkara, Head of Chaos Engineering at Harness presented our keynotes. Additional talks were led by industry experts, including:

  • Russ Miles, Lead Engineer, Segovia Technology
  • Liz Fong-Jones, Principal Developer Advocate, Honeycomb
  • Olga Hall, Global Head, Amazon 
  • Gunnar Grosch, Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon
  • Yury Nino Roa, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Google 
  • Julie Gunderson, Sr. Reliability Advocate, Gremlin
  • Mandi Walls, DevOps Advocate, Pager Duty
  • …and many more!

Supporting the community efforts for the LitmusChaos open source project, we hosted nine sessions enlightening the community on the growth of Litmus. Use cases on Litmus usage demonstrated how vital cloud-native chaos engineering is for achieving resiliency.

We want to thank all the speakers, organizers, sponsors, and, most importantly, the attendees from the last edition for making the event a success and giving Chaos Carnival a reason to return in 2023! 

We hope to see you there on March 15-16! 

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