March 26, 2018

Podcast: The State of CI/CD

Table of Contents

Key takeaway

You wouldn’t build your own Jenkins – would you? Neither would you build your own CRM, Office, or Email service. So why are the “cool” DevOps kids still building their own continuous delivery scripts, log analytics, and monitoring and showing it off on GitHub or conferences?

We discussed the current state of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery and the role of Observability (that’s Monitoring++). We learn about use cases that commercial vendors in these spaces provide out-of-the-box, the APIs they offer to integrate these tools into a larger eco-system, and why we believe it’s time to stop building your own tools but investing in building better software for your users. We also learn about Blue/Green deployments, Canary Releases, Continuous Verification, and Rollback vs Roll-forward.

If you're looking for other great podcasts to listen to, our ShipTalk series is chock-full of information on anything related to DevOps.

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